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The Journal of the Rossica Society of Russian PhilatelyNummer 44/1954 bis 169/2017
neu: Number 169/Fall 2017
BJRP The British Journal of Russian PhilatelyNummer 1/1946 bis 107/2017
neu: Number 107/November 2017
The Post RiderNummer 1/1977 bis 60/2007
PochtaNummer 1/1986 bis 40/2006
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"The Journal of the Rossica Society of Russian Philately"
David M. Skipton
The Rossica Society
50D Ridge Road,
Greenbelt, MD 20770, USA
Email: david.skipton@rossica.org
Rossica Journal
Jeff Radcliffe, Editor
12308 Cliveden Street
Herndon, VA 20170-2519 USA
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Page: Journal Number 169/Fall 2017 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
-- 138 Pages, Editor Nikolai Sorokin --
2President’s ReportRaymond J. Pietruszka
3From the Editor Nikolai Sorokin
3New and Reinstated Members-
4Russian Language Synopsis-
5Impressions of the Bandung 2017 World Stamp ExhibitionIgor Ryss
6Rare Postcards from the February RevolutionVladimir Ginsburg &
Nikolai Sorokin
16Postal Cards form the 1917 Revolutions, (transl. Nikolai Sorokin)Valentin Levandovskiy
17Obituary - Another Giant of Russian Philately Passes: R.J. Ceresa, 1929-2017-
18Blagoveshchensk During the Civil War – More InformationDick Scheper
22The First Definitives Issue of Georgia: St. George and Queen Tamar, Repeating Press Sheet Varieties (transl. Nikolai Sorokin)Igor Ryss
34Eugene Prince and Russian-American RelationsHoward Weinert
38From Russia to the Baltic by Diplomatic Post ( transl. Nikolai Sorokin)Alexander Epstein
44American Red Cross Military Surgical Hospital in 1920 WilnoRaimundas Marius Lapas
50The Mennonites in Khiva, 1924-1935Ivo Steijn
52Removing the Hard Sign: How Old Russian Empire Railway Postmarks Were Converted to the New Orthography in the 1920s and 1930s (transl. Nikolai Sorokin)Valentin G. Levandovskiy
66Collecting the Lenin Mourning Issue on CoverIvo Steijn
70Postcards from World War I POWs in Russia that Indicated the Senders‘ WorkplacesAlexander Kolchinsky
75Klaipeda Region Post After World War II (transl. Nikolai Sorokin)Alexey Babochkin
82The Souvenir Sheet of My Youth [Michel #2938] (transl. N. Sorokin)Dr. Alexander Krugljakow
95„Extracted from a Mailbox“ Markings and Clandestine Soviet CensorshipDavid Skipton,
Alexander Kolchinsky
& Steve Volis
104Ust-Sysolsk #48 – A Zemstvo Stamp Detective Story (transl. Nikolai Sorokin)Arkady Avrorov
108Five Recent Zemstvo Discoveries
1. Missing Period Variety of Zemlyansk #3
2. Tikhvin Zemstvo Rarity
3. Additonal Information About the Volsk #1 Zemstvo Stamp
4. Pskov 1907 Issue Paper Varieties
5. New Color Variety of Sumy #2 Identified (transl. Nikolai Sorokin)
Arkady Avrorov
113Finding Traces of German Participation in the Soviet Air Force’s History ( transl. Nikolai Sorokin)Alexey Babochkin
118The Art of Ivan Aivazosky in Philately (transl. Alexander Kolchinsky)Andrey Dyachenko
123Printing Variations of the 5- and 10-Ruble Arms IssueJohn R. Iacovino
127Russian Émigré Postcards in North America: Revolutionary Movement, 1903-1919Vladimir Ginsburg
132Flyspecker 169, Paper Story Part III: 1946-1950Greg Mirsky and
David Waterman
136Rossica Library NewsGreg Mirsky
137Book Review: Agathon Fabergé – Portrait of a Philatelist; Authors Kaj Hellman and Jeffrey C. StoneRaymond Pietruszka
138Letter to the EditorJohn R. Iacovino
138List of Rossica members who exhibited their collections at the Bandung 2017 World Stamp Exhibition-

Page: Journal Number 168/Spring 2017 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
-- 127 Pages, Editor Nikolai Sorokin --
2President's ReportRaymond J. Pietruszka
3Secretary's ReportAlexander Kolchinsky
4From the EditorNikolai Sorokin
4New Applicants for Membership-
5Russian Language Synopsis-
6Letter to the EditorJohn R. Iacovino
7Pre-Stamp Period Cancellations From Dushet, Tiflis Province, Georgia [Transl. by Nikolai Sorokin]Igor Ryss,
St. Petersburg, Russia
10Finland's "З" Registration LabelsRoger Quinby
13Full Text of Circular No. 9 of 3 February 1903 On new types of postmarks and seals; Translated byHoward L. Weinert
18A History of the Gryazovets Zemstvo PostNikolai Sorokin
28New Zemstvo Discoveries ! [transl. by Nikolai Sorokin]Arkady Avrorov
30The Acceptance of Postal Correspondence Recorded in Private Registry Books [transl. by David Skipton]Lev Ratner
36Mourning Tsar Alexander III: The French ConnectionWilliam Velvel Moskoff &
Carol Gayle
38The Franking of Mail in Blagoveshchensk during the Civil WarDick Scheper
48Skull and Bones LabelsSteve Volis and Nik Sorokin
52250-Ruble Scott 189, Zagorsky (RSFSR) 16, Lyapin 34: Undescribed Varieties of the Overprinted "Second C" and three Additional New Printing VarietiesJohn R. Iacovino
56Ideas for a Topical Collection Dedicated to Wassily Kandinsky [Translated by Nikolai Sorokin]Andrey P. Dichenko
62Varieties of the "Miner" Stamp in the Fifth (1939-1940) Definitive Series of the USSR [Translated by Nikolai Sorokin]Dr. Alexander Kruglyakow
72Geographical Twins in Russia and the United States [Translated by Nikolai Sorokin]Kirill Levandovskiy
74Letters From the Rocket Island Gorodomlya [Translated by Nikolai Sorokin]Alexandey Babochkin
78The Watch on V.M. TkachenkoDavid Skipton and Steve Volis
82Forgeries of the Naval Mail Cancellation Number 1135 [Transl. by Nikolai Sorokin]Vladimir Berdichevskiy
90Foreign Diplomatic Mail, Picture Postcards, and other StoriesAlexander Kolchinsky
97Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee [Translation and comments by Alexander Kolchinsky]Meer Kossoy
102The Rite of Spring: May Day in the Soviet Union, 1917-1991William Velvel Moskoff
107Schedule of Philatelic Exhibitions-
108Okhrim Sudomora's Anti-Soviet and Anti-Nazi postcardsEmil Allakhverdov
111This Journal's Cover IllustrationNikolai Sorokin
112The Painting Cards of the Tretyakov Gallery in the 1920sRaymond J. Pietruszka
117Flyspecker 168 - Paper Story, Part Two: 1941-1945Greg Mirsky and
David Waterman
Book Summaries:
123Russian and Soviet Censorship of the Mail in ReviewDavid M. Skipton
125Censorship of Foreign Printed Matter Received by Russia's Postal System, by Lev Ratner. In Russian.-
126"The Black Chambers". The History of Russian Perlustration from the XVIII) to the Early XX Centuries, by V.S. Izmozik, in Russian.-
127A New Catalog of Russian Federation Stamps-
127Rossica Library NewsGreg Mirsky

Page: Journal Number 167/Fall 2016 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
-- 126 Pages, Editor Nikolai Sorokin --
2President's ReportRaymond J. Pietruszka
3Secretary's ReportAlexander Kolchinsky
4From the EditorNikolai Sorokin
4New Applicants for Membership-
5Russian Language Synopsis-
6World Stamp Show, New York, 2016-
12"ROSSICA"Nikolai Sorokin
14Dr. Raymond Casey, PhD, DSc, FRS. 1917-2016Jack Moyes
15Dr. Raymond Casey, PhilatelistDavid Feldman
Stamp Auctions
16A Tribute to Kai Hellman [1948-2016]Roger Quinby,
Kauko Aro &
Seija-Riitta Laakso
17From Russia With Love…Howard L. Weinert
24The Police (Special Zemstvo) Post: A Blank Spot in Imperial Russian Postal History [transl. by David Skipton]Andrey Averkiev
36Bugulma Zemstvo Rarity: Schmidt #22 [transl. by Nikolai Sorokin]Arkady Avrorov
38Seasonal Post Offices in TranscaucasiaHoward L. Weinert
41Sent by Siberian Express[transl. by Nikolai Sorokin]Valentin Levandovsky
54"Improperly Charged." How the Moscou 1st Dispatch Office Date Stamps Were Cleared of WrongdoingDavid Skipton and Steve Volis
60Thoughts on the Round Corner 1923, 250-Ruble Stamp (Scott 183, Zagorsky 10, RSFSR 10, Lyapin 29)John R. Iacovino
62The Former East Prussian Post under Soviet Administration, 1944-1950 [transl. by Nikolai Sorokin]Alexey Babochkin
74Before There Was Israel, There Was BirobidzhanWilliam Velvel Moskoff
78The War in 1941-1945 as Viewed by Children [transl. by Nikolai Sorokin]Kirill Levandovskiy
84The Early Days of a New Nation: Azerbaijan 1992-1994Ivo Steijn
90Kazimir Malevich on Stamps [transl. by Nikolai Sorokin]Andrei Dyachenko
94All in the family….Raimundas Marius Lapas
98Communist Party Purges (1921-1930) Traced through Philately [transl. by Nikolai Sorokin]Meer Kossoy
104Postal Usage of the second RSFSR Famine Stamps - New DiscoveriesVladimir Berdichevsky &
Alexander Epstein
113Postcards by K. N. Poduschkin [transl. by Nikolai Sorokin]Rostislav Polchaninoff
118Flyspecker 167: Paper Story - Part One, 1917-1940Greg Mirsky and
David Waterman
122Rossica Library NewsGreg Mirsky
123Book Summaries:
123    The Large Catalog of Russia's Zemstvo Posts-
124    Soviet Clandestine Mail Surveillance 1917-1991, by David Skipton & Steve Volis-
124Book ReviewIvo Steijn
125Russian Philatelic Society in China's Sixth Anniversary Magazine (1941)-
126World War II Russian Fieldpost CardPaul Albright

Page: Journal Number 166/Spring 2016 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
-- 128 Pages, Editor Nikolai Sorokin --
2President's Message -
2From the Editor -
3From the Secretary -
5Russian Language Synopsis -
6Ancient Greek Goddess Vessels of the Russian Fleet during the Russo-Japanese WarVladimir Berdichevskiy
13Preface to the First Russian-Language Zemstvo Catalog Nikolai Sorokin and
Leon Finik
20Zemstvo Stamp Varieties FoundArkadiy Avrorov
22Correspondence of an Imperial TutorHoward L. Weinert
28The Philatelic Legacy of Stephan Aristol Pappadopulo from his time in Vladivostok, 1920-1922Dick Scheper
38Rosette Fantasies of the Denikin Stamps Igor Myaskovsky
42The Cost of Nansen Stamps for RefugeesNikolai Sorokin and
Yuri Sandulov
45Identifying the Genuine Overprints on 1922 Air Post OfficialsValery Zagorsky, AIEP
49A Rare Moscow-to-Berlin Airmail DiscoveryArkadiy Avrorov
52Richard Zarrinch's Airplane Stamp VB. Zagorsky and
A.P. Dyachenko
56Konstantin Ol'khin's Correspondence - 1941 Meer Kossoy
58Letters from Belarus during the NEP Period Alexander Kolchinsky
62Engelhardt Station: Astronomers and the Soviet Secret PoliceDavid M. Skipton
68Ivan Bilibin - A Unique Russian Stamp DesignerAndrey Diachenko and
Nik Sorokin
76Children's Drawings of WarMeer Kossoy
82Factory Worker Stamp Varieties of the Fourth and Fifth USSR Definitive Issues Dr. Alexander Krugljakow
88How I began collecting RossicaRostislav Polchaninoff
90Bilingual Postmarks on Registered Mail from Soviet Ukraine - 1920s-1930sValentin Levandovskiy
98St. Petersburg Surcharges Applied to Postal Stationery, 1992-1995: A Postal History PerspectiveRaymond J. Pietruszka
105Flyspecker 166: Stamp Size Does Matter, and every Millimeter CountsGreg Mirsky and
David Waterman
111From Bibles to Cinderellas - Francysk Skaryna and Philately Raimundas Marius Lapas
120Singer: a Revolutionary Business Model in Pre-Revolutionary Russia with philately-related additions P.D. Tsukanov,
Nikolai Sorokin
127Patriarch Tikhon Stamp Ceremony in NYYuri Sandulov
128Rossica Commemoratives - Book ReviewRaymond J. Pietruszka

Page: Journal Number 165/Fall 2015 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
-- 100 Pages, Editor Nikolai Sorokin --
1From the PresidentRaymond J. Pietruszka
2From the EditorNikolai Sorokin
3Synopsis of Contents in RussianAlexander Kolchinsky
4The First Russian Stamps? [Series of revenue stamps for use in conjunction with sale of tobacco products 1838. 5 pages ill.]John McMahon
11Together Again -- a Yegoryevsk Zemstvo SheetLeon Finik and
Nikolai Sorokin
12Mail from the Grand Maneuvers of 1903 [Presentation of two items of this rare mail]Howard L. Weinert
15The Wellington Correspondence -- - Vladivostok, 1921 to 1923 [11 covers from corr. of Wellington (= philatelist living in Troy, New York) with the main post office in Vladivostok.]Dick Scheper
22A Cover from Ashikhe Station on the Chinese Eastern RailwayJohn D. Myke
24Free-Frank Mail by Russia's Navy Personnel during the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905Vladimir Berdichevsky
34Tashkent Postal History Howard L. Weinert
391919: Turbulent Times in VilniusRaimundas M. Lapas
in collaboration with
Julija Normantiené
46Freetown - a Curious Bit of History [Jewish settlements on Crimean peninsula]Ivo Steijn
48Grave Robbers: Forgeries of Wartime Leningrad MailAlexander Kolchinsky
54The Ol'khin Correspondence - 1944-45 [Ol'khin = avid philatelist. The shown items come from the Gulag.]Nikolai Sorokin
61Machine Cancellations of the USSR Railway Station Post Offices -- Mid 1920s to Late 1930s
[Used in Baku, Voronezh, Kazan, Leningrad, Magnitogorsk, Makhachkala, Perm, Sverdlosvsk, Tiblisi, Kiev and Kharkov. Four general types of cancels: I. Russian-language -/ II. Bilingual-
/III.Kharkov railway station MCs containing a pair of CDSs.IV. Bilingual Kiev MCs with one CDS.]
Valentin Levandovsky
75The Saint Petersburg Numbered Surcharges Raymond J. Pietruszka
76The Numbered Surcharges of St. PetersburgMichael Padwe
79Flyspecker 165: What to Look for in Soviet Stamp Watermarks from the 1920s to the 1930s Part II: 1933-1939
[Continuation study in Greek Border and Rosettes (Mäander und Blumen) watermark orientation]
Greg Mirsky and David Waterman
89Early St. Petersburg World War 1 VignettesNikolai Sorokin
93The Hungry Friday Postcards
[6 Postcards issued around 1930 in Paris with the slogan 'In support of Hungry Friday'. Russian emigrés refrained from eating on Holy Friday and donated the money for child welfare.]
Rostislav Polchaninoff
95How to Open a Postal Branch Office Translated by Howard L. Weinert
96Satirizing Jewish Secularism in Early Twentieth-Century WarsawWilliam V. Moskoff
and Cantor Michael Davis
98Postal Stationery and Postal History - Almanac No. 20 Review byDavid Skipton
99V. Zagorsky's "Azerbaijan 1919-1923" Postage Stamp Catalog Review by Rafael Nagapetiants

Page: Journal Number 164/Spring 2015 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
-- 100 Pages, Editor Nikolai Sorokin --
1From the PresidentRaymond J. Pietruszka
2From the EditorNikolai Sorokin
3Synopsis of Contents in Russian-
4"Rossikana," 1933 [Letter from Arkhangelsky]David Skipton
6New Applicants for Membership-
7Postal Situation in CrimeaGenady Berman,
Dmitriy Chizmakov
18The Field Post of the Akhal-Teke Expeditions [1880]Howard L. Weinert
22History of Two Ardatov Zemstvo Posts [Zemstvo Post in Ardatov Province and in Simbirsk Province]Leon Finik,
Nikolai Sorokin
33Postal Usage of the Second RSFSR Famine Relief IssueAlexander Epstein
42Printing Postage Stamps on Spliced PaperAnatoliy Kalinin
45From Libava to Tsushima: Postal History of the Russian Squadron's Historic Voyage, 1904-1905Vladimir Berdichevsky
58The Early Days of Avtozavod [= Automotive plant constructed by an US company near Nizhniy-Novgorod, starting May 1930, finished 15 months later. Its postal history.]Ivo Steijn
62It Wasn't So Different in the Old Days…Leon Finik,
Nikolai Sorokin
63Undated Postal and Telegraph Marks of Imperial Russian Railway Stations [One- and two-line postmarks of stations, sidings and platforms as service marks on mail and telegraph forms.
They are extremely rare.] Translated by Michael J. Carson
Valentin Levandovsky
76The Postal History of Sakhalin Island [from beginning up until 1920]Howard L. Weinert
85The "Generals Series" [Fantasy issue: Admiral Kolchak, General Denikin etc.] - Translated by N. SorokinIgor Myaskovskiy
90Samson Tchernoff (1887-1929) in Philately and DeltiologyRostislav V. Polchaninoff
93Flyspecker 164: What to look For in Soviet Stamp Watermarks from the 1920s to the 1930s, Part 1, 1925-1933
[The watermark 'Greek Border and Rosettes' (in German 'Mäander und Blumen') and its horizontal and vertical orientation.]
Greg Mirsky,
David Waterman
99Book Review:
Alison Rowley. Open Letters: Russian Popular
Culture and the Picture Postcard, 1880-1922.
University of Toronto Press, 2013. 323 pp.
Alexander Kolchinsky

Page: Journal Number 163/Fall 2014 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
-- 100 Pages, Editor Nikolai Sorokin --
2From the President: Proposed changes to the Bylaws of the Rossica SocietyRaymond J. Pietruszka
3From the EditorNikolai Sorokin
5Synopsis of Contents in Russian-
6The Early Years of the Russian Post in BukharaHoward L. Weinert
14Priamurye Government Postcard Rate in December 1921Dick Scheper
16Revenue Stamps of the Magistrate Courts of Kamenets-Podolsk and Related Accounting Stamps [1875-1916]John McMahon
22The Western Volunteer Army Stamps of Avalov-Bermondt [History, Types of stamps]Igor Myaskovsky
34Discovered - a Biography of G.H. KaestlinThomas Lera
36Obituary: Kennedy Lunt "Ken" Wilson 1934-2013Editor
37Postal Use of Radio Subscription Stamps [1992]Nikolai Sorokin
40More on Forgeries [cp. Rossica 162, 31-32]Editor
41Comments on the Tiflis City Post StampJohn D. Myke
44The Exquisite and Unique First Stamp of Imperial RussiaHyman Lovitz
47Changes in Russian Navy Mail After the February Revolution of 1917Vladimir Berdichevskiy
65Postal Stationery Wrappers of Russia: Supply and Demand as Evidenced on the eBay MarketDr. John K. Courtis
70Lifetime CollectingRostislav V. Polchaninoff
74Provisional Postal Regulations of the Russian Empire (12 June 1871), Translated byHoward L. Weinert
85Formula Cards (Part III) Cards Without Indication of the Issuing AdministrationAlexander Epstein
92Flyspecker 163 40-Kopek Stamp of the USSR Coat of Arms Issues: Sorting it all out... [Michel 1335]Greg Mirsky and
David Waterman
98Book Reviews:
Drafts of Stamps, USSR 1923-1960, by Valery Zagorsky98
Lettland, Handbucch Philatelie, Kommunikation und Postgeschichte, by Harry v. Hofmann
Raymond J. Pietruszka Russia - The Wonderful Postcards-Empire, by Anders Saxon

Raymond J. Pietruszka
Raymond J. Pietruszka
Nikolai V. Sorokin

Page: Journal Number 162/Spring 2014 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
-- 100 Pages, Editor Nikolai Sorokin --
1Message from PresidentRay Pietruszka
2From the EditorNikolai Sorokin
3Our Milestone: 60 Years of Publication in the United States
4Private and Official Perfin Postage Stamps of Imperial RussiaDick Scheper
10A Social Philately Perspective: Seventy Years after the Siege of LeningradAlexander Kolchinsky
20Imperial Russia - New DiscoveriesLeon Finik
21Pick a Rate - Any Rate! Foreign Mail Frankings in the initial Months of the Russian FederationNikolai Sorokin
31A Tale of Three Forgeries [1992 Monument series]Raymond J. Pietruszka
34An Unfortunate Shadow and Lenin's TombDavid M. Skipton
& Steve Volis
38Socialist Realism and Soviet AgricultureWilliam Velvel Moskoff
42Rossica Journals Exhibited in MoscowNikolai Sorokin
43Obituary: Peter A. Michalove March 22, 1951-December 9, 2013Alexander Kolchinsky
& David Skipton
44The Numbered Dotted Postmarks of RussiaHoward L. Weinert
78The Tiflis City Post StampJoseph J. Geraci
80The Chinese Eastern Railway: A Kwangchentze Station CancelJohn D. Myke
81ORYuR Currency [ORYuR = Russian émigré scout organization, operating in Displaced Persons camps in Germany]Rotislav Polchaninoff
84International Mail from Non-UPU Territories [Mountainous Karabakh, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria]Alexander Kolchinsky
86Flyspecker 162: Russian Philatelic Exchange Stamps, Part II (1928-1933)Greg Mirsky and
David Waterman
Philatelic Reviews:
  95Special Lithuanian Postage Stamp Catalogue (1918-2012) by Antanas Jankauskas; rev. by:George Shaw,
Nik Sorokin
  96V. Zagorsky, Postage Stamp Catalogue: Russia 1857-1917, RSFSR 1918-1922, USSR 1923-1991. 2013/2014; rev. by:Greg Mirsky
For Members:
  97The Rossica Society Library
  97Member to Member Adlet Information 
  98New Applicants for Membership 
  98Rossica Society Bookshop 

Page: Journal Number 161/Fall 2013 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
1Message from PresidentRaymond J. Pietruszka
2Russian Fort Ross - Its History and EphemeraNikolai Sorokin
10Descriptions of Russian Postal Stationery in the September 10 Feldman Auction
(translated by David Skipton)
Vladimir Venets
13A Proposal for the Classification and Naming of Labels Used in the Kingdom of Poland
(translated by Anita Cukier)
Leszek Osrodka
27Local Issues of Russian PS Formula Cards ("ПОЧТОВАЯ КАРТОЧКА" - Postcard)
with indication of the issuing administration
Alexander Epstein
40The Purchase of the Faberge Zemstvo-Collection; translated and revised by Thomas Berger (CH-Bern, Switzerland), translated into English by Clayton GrayMärten Sundberg (Aland)
43Catalog of Postal Stamps of Russian Empire and USSR, 1857-1940. [A. V. Zverev]
Published by www.RussianStamps.ru, M., 2013. Reviewed by:
Alexander Kolchinsky
48"I Am Sending My Friend These Nine Postcards.." (The Voyage of Rear Admiral E.A. Stackelberg's Detachment of Ships from the Baltic to the Far East in 1902-1903
and the Voyage of the 'Pacific Squadron in 1904-1905); transl. by David M. Skipton
Vladimir Berdichevsky
79Flyspecker 161
[Philatelic Exchange stamps Scott#149, 150/Mi Tauschkontroll 1,2; Scott#B5-B13/Mi SU Gebührenmarken 7-14]
Greg Mirsky &
David Waterman
For Members:
  26The Rossica Journal - Author Guidelines
  44Advertising in the Journal and Advertising Rates
  45Minutes of Rossica Officers Meeting at PIPEX 2013
  47New Applicants for Membership
  65What Do You Collect?
  76The Rossica Society Library
  76Member-to-Member Adlet Information
  77The Rossica Society Bookshop

Page: Journal Number 160/Spring 2013 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
1Letter from the EditorWilliam Velvel Moskoff
1The Rossica Journal - Author Guidelines-
2General Skobeleff: Life, Legend and CollectiblesNikolai V. Sorokin
13Soviet and Russian Federation Mail Surveillance
Part IVa - from mid-1941 through 1945
David M. Skipton
30Local Issues of Russian Official PS Formula Cards (ОТКРЫТОЕ ПИСЬМО - Open Letter)Alexander Epstein
31Review: Vladimir Venets: Postal Stationery of the Russian Empire (1849-1917), Catalog and Handbook. Reviewed byDavid Skipton
49New Feature on the Rossica Website-
50The Stations of the Chinese Eastern Railway on Postal and Telegraph Correspondence of the Russian Empire (Part 3), (translated by Matthew Kahane)V.G. Levandovskiy
73Wait for Me - A Second Postcard DesignWilliam Moskoff
74Unusual 100000/250-Ruble Plate Number FairRaymond J. Pietruszka
77The Exit of Soviet Collectors from Foreign Philatelic Societies, translated by David M. SkiptonMartin Gleyzer
79Flyspecker 160
[Scott+ Michel:77+123/67I +II, C77-79/892-894, 1795/1803, 1821/1829,2195/2225]
Greg Mirsky &
David Waterman
86The G.H. Kaestlin Collection of Imperial Russian and Zemstvo Stamps, by Thomas Lera and Leon Finik, 2012, reviewed byLan Sellick and
Jeff Radcliffe
88Advertising in the Journal and Advertising Rates-
89The Rossica Society Library-
89Member-to-Member Adlet Information-
90The Rossica Society Bookshop-

Page: Journal Number 159/Fall 2012 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
1Letter from the EditorWilliam Velvel Moskoff
1The Rossica Journal - Author Guidelines-
2HaIf-Genuine CoverG. G. Werbizky
3The Tiflis Mystery
[Historical background. The two major proponents of the Tiflis City Post. The Tiflis City Post.
The Owners of the Tiflis Stamps The First Notice of the Stamp. Schmidt's article]
Leon Finik
17Soviet and Russian Federation Mail Surveillance - Part III
From the GUGB to the NKGB (1935 to mid-1941)
David Skipton
46Grotesque Art and Soviet Anti-German Propaganda during World War IIWilliam Velvel Moskoff
49The Stations of the Chinese Eastern Railway on Postal and Telegraph Correspondence of the Russian Empire (Part 2), (transl.by Matthew Kahane)V.G. Levandovskiy
80Double Payment for Home Delivery of Money Orders (transl. by David M. Skipton)Vladimir I. Venets
82Advertising in the Journal and Advertising Rates-
Book Reviews:
  83New Catalog of Soviet Stationery and Postcards of WWII
Vorwärts zum Sieg! Illustrierte sowjetische Feldpost des zweiten Weltkrieges,
volume 1, 2007, volume 2, 2009, volume 3, 2011
Alexander Kolchinsky
  85Al'manakh - Pochtovyye tsel'nyye veshchi i pochtovaya istoriya, No. 14, 2012David Skipton
  87Deutsche Zeitschrift für Russland-Philatelie, Heft Nr. 96-
88Obituary - George G. Werbizky (1928-2012)David Skipton &
Leon Finik
90Flyspecker 159
[Scott & Michel 983+959/ 1390-1391+1381-1382/ 1912+1921/ 904+874/905+881/ 983+959]
Greg Mirsky &
David Waterman
97Russia No. 1: Technology - A New Path to ExpertizationHyman Lovitz
109The Rossica Society Library-
109Member-to-Member Adlet Information-
110The Rossica Society Bookshop-

Page: Journal Number 158/Spring 2012 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
1Letter from the EditorWilliam Moskoff
1The Rossica Journal - Author GuidelinesMoskoff
2Soviet and Russian Federation Mail Surveillance - Part II From OGPU to GUGB (1926-1934)David M. Skipton
31The St. Petersburg City Post Numeral CancelsMichael Ercolini
43Examples of Mail in Siberia during the Civil WarG. G. Werbizky
48Obituary - Gary Combs (1947-2012)David M.Skipton
49Konstantin Simonov and His Poem "Wait for Me": Faith and Hope in a Time of WarWilliam Moskoff,
Carol Gayle &
Nikolai Sorokin
51Obituaries - (Bubis, Page, Cronin, Artuchov)-
52A Collection of Handstamps of the Fatezh ZemstvoAlexander Kolchinsky
54The Stations of the Chinese Eastern Railway on Postal and Telegraph Correspondence of the Russian Empire (Part 1)[transl. Matthew Kahane]V. G. Levandovskiy
73Flyspecker 158
[Scott + Michel 79+69IA & IIA/ 124+69IIB/ 786+755/873+843/ 992A+1014/, 992C+1016/ 2270+228]
Greg Mirsky &
David Waterman
78Progress Report: Known Far Eastern Republic Postal Cards and WrappersGeorge G. Werbizky
79The Earliest Rossica Label?Nikolai Sorokin
80Advertising in the Journal and Advertising Rates-
81The "Agathon" Collection of the First and Second Issues of RussiaRaymond J. Pietruszka
83A Warning to Rossica ExhibitorsDavid M. Skipton
Book Reviews:aaa
  84Paris to Shanghai, 1903. A Transsiberian Journey to China, by Robinson & YenJerry H. Miller
  85The Russian Post in the Chinese Empire.
Part 1: Offices in China Proper18687-1920
Part 2: Offices in Mongolia & Sinkiang 1878-1920, formed by Dr. Raymond Casey
David M. Skipton
  86Russia's Steamship Post.Catalog and Handbook, by Mandrovskiy, Mramornov & TyukovDavid M. Skipton
87Erratum - Journal 156
88The Rossica Society Library
88Member-to-Member Adlet Information
89The Rossica Society Bookshop

Page: Journal Number 157/Fall 2011 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
1Soviet and Russian Federation Mail Surveillance
[Begin of a series of basic articles. In this number:
Part I 1917-1925 From the inception of the Cheka
to the establishment of the INFO & PK department in the GPU (December 1917 to 1925).
Coming in the next journals:
Part II From OGPU to GUGB (1926 to 1934).
Part III. From the GUGB to the NKGB (1935 to mid-1941).
Part IV. From WWII to the Death of Stalin (Mid-1941 to 1953).
Part V. From the Rise of the KGB to the Fall of the USSR (1954 to 1991).
Part VI. From the Collapse of the USSR to the Present (1992-2011+).]
David Skipton
40The Homeless Children of the Soviet Union in the 1920s [Charity stamps and vignettes]Nikolai Sorokin &
William Moskoff
52Civil War: Siberia, Priamur Province Issue Stamp DiscoveryG. G. Werbizky
54Railway Accidents in Letters and Telegrams of Russia in the 1900s and 1910s
(transl. by Matthew Kahane)
V. Levandovskiy
77Flyspecker 157
[[Scott+Michel 205+177zX/ 205+177/ 296,300+294/ 635+594/ 1139+1124/ 1290+1281]
Greg Mirsky &
David Waterman
83The People's War: Defiance and Resistance during World War II in the Soviet Union
[The Partisan Movement/ Partisans in Soviet Propaganda]
William Moskoff
94Privately Printed Money Order Forms: An AddendumG. G. Werbizky
97A Closer Look at the 1938 Rossika VignettesNikolai Sorokin
100West Russian Stamps of Latvia: An Examination of Varro Tyler's Type 1 and 2 Forgeries (Part 2)John R. Ivcovino
103Third Standard Issue of the Russian Federation:
the "Rostov Forgeries Again (transl. by Nikolai Sorokin)
Pavel "Duck" Paviov &
Vasiliy Livitskiy
115Comments on W. Moskoff, C. Gayle & D.M. Skipton Article, "The Letter No One Wanted to Receive"G. G. Werbizky
117A Long Way to the Homeland: The Fate of an Austrian POW in the Far East [1918-1920]Alexander Epstein
121Rossica 2011 Service Award [First honore: Jeff Radcliffe]
122Foreign Journal Reviews
Postal Stationery and Postal History - an Almanac (No 11/2010)/
Deutsche Zeitschrift für Russland-Philatelie (#92, May 2010)/
Mir Mirok (The World of Stamps, Nos. 1&2, 2011)/
RUS - The Journal of Russian, Ukrainian and Soviet Philately, No. 1, May 2011)
David Skipton
128Pay your 2012 Rossica Dues Now and Get a 10% Discount
130Rossica Society Bookshop
133Rossica Society Website

Page: Journal Number 156/Spring 2011 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
1A Fresh Look at the Tiflis Town Post
[Translation from Kaukasian Calendar for the year 1858, Tiflis 1857, pp. 151-153:
"Rules for the Tiflis town post and for the home delivery of magazines and newspapers".]
Howard Weinert
5Message from the EditorWilliam Moskoff
6The Rossica Society and the Nation's Collection of Imperial Russian and Zemstvo Stamps
[of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in downtown Washington D.C.]
David Skipton
8Rediscovered Treasures [in aforementioned museum. Especially from the Kaestlin collection,
donated to the Museum in 1984.
Crown jewel is a Tiflis Town Post 6-kop. Kaestlin wa a major purchaser in Harmer's Sale of Fabergé collection in 1939.]
Leon Finik
35The Letter No One Wanted to Receive:
Notifying the Next of Kin during WWII in the Soviet Union, 1941-1945
William Moskoff,
David M. Skipton
and Carol Gayle
49Stalin on Soviet and Russian StampsAlexander Kolchinsky
61Finnish Offices Abroad. In the Soviet Union...David Skipton and
Vesa Järvistö
68Shanghai CinderellasNikolai Sorokin
72Unknown Rarities of Russian PhilatelyPavel ("Duck") Pavlov
79Flyspecker 156
[Scott+Michel 292+260/635+594/636+595/682+641/2075-76+2089-90/2168+2093/2195+2225]
Greg Mirsky &
David Waterman
92Russia: Civil War in Siberia -
Unissued Stamp, Proofs, Postal Cards and Wrappers
G.G. Werbizky
102ROPIT+Odessa RR = R.O.P.T.O.Zh.D.
[= The Russian Steamshipping, Trade and Odessa Railroad Company. 4 items with this postmark shown.], transl D.Skipton
V. G. Levandovskiy
107Russia Used Abroad (WWI - Romania)AlexanderEpstein
111A Unique Item among the Postage Stamps of the RSFSR [Michel 214]
transl. Aleksandra Denisenko,David Skipton, William Moskoff
V. V. Pritula
114Mystery of the Unissued Stamp Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Women's International Democratic Federation
[Michel 3111-13], transl. Nikolai Sorokin
Pavel "Duck" Pavlov
116A Dot Cancel to North America [#1071 Tomaszow]John D. Myke
118The First Issue of the Pereslavl' County Zemstvo Stamps, transl. David SkiptonYuriy Gurevich and
Leon Finik
122Provisionals and Substitutes of the Pskov Post[1993-95], transl. Aleksandra Denisenko and William MoskoffA. Serebriakov and
Iu. Serebriakov
129Ambitious Zemstvo Catalogue UndertakingG.G. Werbizky
131Further Notes on Russia Used Abroad: WWI-GaliciaJohn D. Myke
136Book Review: Perfins of Imperial Russia and the Russian Post Offices Abroad, by Dick ScheperDavid Skipton
138The Rossica Society Library-
139Rossica Society Bookshop
141Member-to-member Adlet Information
142Rossica Society Website

Page: Journal Number 155/Fall 2010 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
1Long Way Home, The Hard Way (The Saga of the Battleship Chesma)David M. Skipton
4Russia Used Abroad: WWI-Galicia and BukovinaAlexander Epstein
29Soviet Union Post Cards Color VarietiesMichael Ercolini &
George V. Shalimoff
31Use of Ostarbeiter Postal Cards in War and PeaceG. G. Werbizky
36Recollections of a U.S. - Soviet Joint IssueBenjamin F. Bailar &
Gordon C. Morison
39Mestnye Tarify Rossii (1993-2005 gg.) (Local Rates of Russia - 1993-2005), in three parts
(Transl. Aleksandra Denisenko & William Moskoff)
A. Serebriakov &
Iu. Serebriakov
52Official Formula Cards for POWs (addenda to the catalog in the article by M. Lam [Rossica #150]
and some additional comments)
Alexander Epstein
62One Aspect of Russian Military Censorship Abroad, 1914-1915David M. Skipton
69Privately Printed Money Order Forms with AdvertisementsGeorge V. Shalimoff
83Urging Soviet Citizens to Use Savings Banks: Propaganda Postal Cards in the 1930sWilliam Moskoff
88Flyspecker 155 [Scott+Michel: 50+49/78+68/242+224/244,248+226/345+227/
Greg Mirsky &
David Waterman
104Nikolaevsk-on-Amur Issue DocumentG. G. Werbizky
108Souvenir Sheet Variety? [Michel #49 or Scott #48]Rolando.pieril@tin.it
For Members
60Letters to the Editor-
62Advertising in the Journal and Advertising Rates-
68Guidelines for Submitting Articles to the Editor-
89Rossica at the 2010 Rocky Mountain Stamp Show-
103Member-to-member Adlet Information-
107Handbook on Perfins of Imperial Russiadick scheper@planet.nl
108The Rossica Society Library-
109Rossica Society Bookshop-
112Rossica Society Website-

Page: Journal Number 154/Spring 2010 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
1Latvia: Postage Due Markings Used by Traveling Post offices
[in the 22 years of independence after WWI]
Vesma Grinfelds
7The Zemstvo Stamps of Ukraine (transl by David Skipton)
[Kharkov Province: Lebedin County/ Poltava Province. Zolotonosha County]
V.G. Katzman
10Addendum to "The Zemstvo Stamps of Ukraine"Leon Finik and
George Werbizky
11Stamp with Two and Half Flaws [Ekaterinodar issue, Scott 27. = 10 rublei on 15 k]George Werbizky
12The "Iz Finlayandii" Cachet RevisitedWolfgang Torterotot,
Neustadt a. Rbge.
16Anglo-Soviet-American Cooperation During WWII in the Mirror of Philately (transl. David Skipton)
[with many illustrations of propaganda-cards and letter-sheets]
Meer Kossoy
32Rossika's Estonian Lost and Found
[Information on Estonian members of the old Rossika]
David Skipton and
Alexander Epstein
36Support of Russia's World War I Effort by the Russian Red Cross and the All-Russia Cities UnionGeorge G. Werbizky
39Inventory Tables of the Plate Numbers and Insciption of the Second and Subsequent Printings of the Arms Issues: 1913-1923Ged Seiflow
56Kliment Voroshilov: The Rise and Fall of a Stalin CronyWiliam Msokoff and
Carol Gayle
60Flyspecker 154 [Scott/Michel: 180+194/154+174 - 275+285/234 - 818/787 - 907/890 - 924/902 - 939/
919 - 961+1032/941+1025 - 1055/1044 - 1420+1710/1419+1714 - 1801/1822 - 1857/1893 - 2143/2168]
Greg Mirsky &
Davids Waterman
66The Local Post of the Wenden DistrictG.G. Werbizky
For Members
11Errata for Rossica 153 [Registered Mail from Odessa Up to 1917]11-
15Advertising in the Journal and Advertising Rates-
35Guidelines for Submitting Articles to the Editor-
38The Rossica Society Library-
65Member-to-Member Adlet Information-
71Rossica Society Bookshop-

Page: Journal Number 153/Fall 2009 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
1The 7500 and 100000R Surcharges on the 250-Ruble Stamps of 1921 - Record of Plate Numbers - Additional InformationGed Seiflow
4Varieties of the 1899-1903 Money Order FormularsVladimir Venets
7Rossicapex 2009 [Santa Clara, California]David M. Skipton
30The Torgsin StoresWilliam Moskoff and
Carol Gayle
32Update to the Samara-Zlatoust Railroad ArticleJohn D. Myke
33Russian Civil War Issues and Varieties - Part II[South Russia-Ekaterinodar issue Scott 23+39/Sevastopol Issue Scott 59/South Russia revenue stamps]George G. Werbizky
35Railway Mute Cancels & Registration of CorrespondenceJohn D. Myke
36Vignettes of the 1915 Petrograd Military Exhibit "Our Trophies"Nikolai Sorokin
38Flyspecker 153
[Scott/Michel: 180/154- 186/161II - B47/266 - 275&285&285a/234 I& II - 436/392 - 1012/991
- 1538/1545 - 1547/1554 - 1646/1649 - 1656&1658/1659&1661 - 1856/1892 - 2081&2082/2094&2095 - Glezos Mi 2288]
Greg Mirsky and
David Waterman
45Enduring Sentimentality: World War II and the Ballad of the Blue KerchiefWilliam Moskoff and
Carol Gayle
47A Russian 'Attempted Delivery' Label [Sept 1896 from Italy]Josef J. Geraci
50Russian Mute Cancels of World War I. Terminology and Addenda (Trans. David M. Skipton)Arnold Levin
69Plate Numbers of the Imperial Arms IssuesGed Seiflow
72Registered Mail from Odessa up to 1917Steve Volis and
Thomas Berger
89Romanov-Zemstvo Combination CoversJohn D. Myke
92Greeting Postcards in Russia: From Privilege to PenaltyAlexander Epstein
For Members
IIIPresident's Message [The last one of Gary Combs! He leaves Rossica.]-
3Advertising in the Journal-
44Guidelines for Submitting Articles to the Editor-
49Member-to-Member Adlet Information-
88Rossica Library Rules-

Page: Journal Number 152/Spring 2009 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
1 The Political Red Cross David M. Skipton
16 The Partisan Post during the Great Patriotic War, 1941-1945 trans. David M. Skipton Anatoly Osatinski
20 Early Soviet Iconography [Stamp Design] Jeremy Bush
28 Soviet Propaganda during World War II, the Use of Postal Material to rally the Nation William Moskoff and
Carol Gayle
34 Official Perfins [in Russian revenue stamps] of the Russian Empire (transl. Steve Netten) Dick Scheper
40 Balpex 2008 Report David M. Skipton
44 Stamps of “Free Russia” [1958 ff] Rotislav Polchaninoff
52 Updates to the Samara-Zlatoust and Volga-Bugul’ma Railroads Articles trans. David M. Skipton V.G. Levandovsky
63 A Watermarked Romanov Item [2-ruble essay on borders & rosettes WM] John D. Myke
64 Railway Mute Cancels and Registration of Correspondence trans. David M. Skipton Arnold Levin
72 One-sided Albini [Tikhvin Zemstvo] George G. Werbizky
73 Flyspecker 152 [Plate varieties of the Gold Standard/ More on Polenov stamp of 1952 Scott#1646] Greg Mirsky and
David Waterman
82 Orthodox Action Society and its Mail to the USSR Rotislav Polchaninoff
For Members
iv Your Journal is Available in Full Color!
v From the Editor’s Desk
vi President’s Message
vii Audit of the Rossica Treaseurer’s Books for 2007
26 Advertising in the Journal
26 Guidelines for Submitting Articles to the Editor
27 The Rossica Virtual Gallery
39 Member-To-Member Adlet Information
51Corrigenda to Rossica Journal #151, rediscovery of an old variety, page 6;
Postal convention between Prussia and Russia, pages 39-44
62The Rossica Society Website
85Rossica Library Rules
86Rossica Bookshop
90Publications Order Form

Page: Journal Number 151/Fall 2008 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
1 Late 19th - and Early 20th - Century Mail from the Samara-Zlatoust and Volga - Bugul‘ma Railroads (V) =final (trans. David M. Skipton) [Incl. List of stations of Volga-Bugulma RR] V.G. Levandovsky
4 Committee of Ministers Statute, approved by the Emperor on 25 June 1865.On the establishment of regular postal communication between Kyakhta and Tientsin. (trans. Howard Weinert)
6 Rediscovery of an Old Variety [Mi 1 & 2, Punkt in K von Kop] N. Mandrovsky
7 Russian Civil War Issues and Varieties:
8 - Far East Republic George G. Werbizky
13 - Kharbin Issue Redefined Leon Finik and
George G. Werbizky
15 - Army of the Northwest George G. Werbizky
16 - Siberia George G. Werbizky
25 - South Russia George G. Werbizky
39 Postal Convention between Prussia and Russia, signed at St. Petersburg 12 (24) December 1821 (trans. David M. Skipton)
45 How the National Alliance of Russian Solidarists (NTS) corresponded with Soviet Citizens Rostislav Polchaninoff
54 The Red Army Cavalry and its Field Post Offices during the Great Patriotic War of 1941 –1945 Anatoly Osatinski
74 The Genesis of the 7-kopeck Doubie-Print Variety (Scott #35C) Leon Finik
75 Mute cancels on mail from Russian-Occupied Territory, 1914-1915. Facts and commentary
(trans. David Skipton)
Arnold Levin
84 FlySpecker 151 [Mi 153+173/ 154/ 293/ 726/ 901/ 934 & 936/ 1649] Greg Mirsky and
David Waterman
93 More on the Civil War Postal History of Turkestan ][Cp Rossica#150] Alexander Epstein
For Members
iv ROSSICAPEX in 2009!
iv Advertising in the Journal
3 Member-to-member adlets
38 Guidelines for submitting articles to the editor
81 The Rossica Society Website
82 Te Rossica Societa Virtual Gallery
83 Rossica Library Rules
94 Rossica Publications Order Form

Page: Journal Number 150/Spring 2008 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
1 Turkestan 1918-1923: A Postal History ReviewAlexander Epstein
and Robert Taylor
12 A Formular Money-Order forms [without imprints] QuestionGeorge V. Shalimoff
14 The Field Post Offices of the Red Army in the Field during the Polish “Liberation Campaign“ in September-October 1939 (trans. David M. Skipton)Anatoly Osatinski
33 Black Sea Currents [Russian “bottle mail”]David M. Skipton
36 Late 19th - and Early 20th - Century Mail from the Samara-Zlatoust and Volga-Bugul‘ma Railroads (IV) (trans. David M. Skipton) V.G. Levandovsky
Addendum to Rossica Journal 149 [pp 43-47]
49 A Classification of World War I POW Cards (trans. David M. Skipton)Miron Lam
83 The Rossica Vignette and HandstampDavid M. Skipton
91 Official Poltava Zemstvo Stamps Printed on Watermarked PaperGeorge G. Werbizky
94 A Reply to “Formular Money-order Forms Question“Alexander Epstein
96 A Major Zemstvo Discovery [Pskov]Leon Finik
97 FlySpecker 150 [Constant plate flaws of 1st issue of 3rd Standard issue of RSFSR/ Rembrandt stamp 1956/ Standard issue 984]Greg Mirsky &
David Waterman
101 Postscript to the Article “Scandinavian Volunteers in Finland during the Winter War“ [Rossica #148]George G. Werbizky
102 Rossica at the Pan-Slavic Show, 2007 [Chicagopex]David M. Skipton
For Members
iii From the Editor’s Desk
iv Message from the Rossica President
iv Advertising in the Journal
13 Guidelines for Submitting Articles to the Editor
48 Addendum to Rossica Journal 149 [Correction to “Russian Refugee Vignettes” in Rossica #149]
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93 2008 Annual Meeting Notice
95 Rossica Library Rules
106 Rossica Society Booksshop
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Page: Journal Number 149/Fall 2007 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
1 Saint Petersburg Residence Permits Jack G. Moyes
12 OBITUARY: Sergey Vasil’evich Prigara (1882-1950) David Skipton
17 A Much Travelled Cover [from USA addressed to China 1887] Philip Robinson
13 Postal Rate Changes of 1917-1918 Michael Ercolini
30 Late l9th- and Early 20th-Century Mail from the Samara -Zlatoust and Volga-Bugul’ma Railroads (III) (Trans. D. Skipton) V.G. Levandovsky
43 Russian Refugee Vignettes [see addendum in rossica #150, p. 48] R.V. Polchaninov &
George G. Werbizky
48 Fly Specker 149 [Constant plate varieties of the First Issue of the RSFSR 3rd Defninitive Set, The second issue of the RSFSR 3rd Definitive Set]Greg Mirsky and
David Waterman
57 Red Army Parcel Mail During World War II Anatoly Osatinsky
59 The East Prussia Disaster: The Philatelic Echo [The Battle of Tannenberg] Alexander Epstein
63 What You See Isn‘t Always What It ts George G. Werbizky
64 Lightning Strikes Again-A Second Zemstvo Catalog from Russia [Compiler and editor V.Y. Solov’ev.] George G. Werbizky
68 Imperial Russian International Money Orders (An Update) [includes a translation of postal-regulation articles on use of the IMO’s as of Januara 1909.] David Skipton &
Vladimir Venets
79 A Zemstvo Discovery [third example of Zolotonosha (Schmidt #26)] Leon Finik
Philatelic Review:
79 - Vorwärts zum Sieg! Illustrierte sowjetische Feldpost des zweiten Weltkriegs.
Katalog. Band I 2007 by Albert Pflüger
Peter Michalove
80 - Katalog Tsel’nykh veshchey Rossiyskoy imperii 1845-1917, 3rd edition, by Ilyushin and Forafontov. David Skipton
For Members
II From the Editor’s Desk Jeff Radcliffe
IV The Rossica Society Website
V Message from the Rossica President
VI Rossica’sa First Vignette in 50 years is Now Available for Sale
18 Guidelines for Submitting Articles to the Editor
47 Advertising in the Journal
56 Rossica Library Rules
67 Rossica 148 Addendum [Denekin Issue Forgeries]
80 Member-to-Member Adlet Information
81 Rossica Publications Order Form

Page: Journal Number 148/Spring 2007 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
1 The “Rossika” Society of Russian Philatelists Abroad in the DP Camps, 1948-1951, transl. David Skipton Rostislav Polchaninoff
7 The V1 and V2 Flying Bombs and Slave LaborGeorge G. Werbizky
10 Samara to Zlatoust Railroad – Addendum [PV 123 + 124]Dr. Edward J. Laveroni
13 Scandinavian Volunteers in Finland During the Winter War [adapted from an Article in The Posthorn, August 2006] Alfred F. Kugel
18 [Obituary] Steve Alushin (1923-2006)David Skipton
19 Late 19th -and Early 20th -Century Mail from the Samara-Zlatoust and Volga- Bugulma Railroads (II) transl. David Skipton [incl. list of stations of Samara-Zlatoust RR as of 1895 & 1915]V.G. Levandovsky
33 Moscow Local Lines and their Postmarks
[= unnumbered: M-Ramenskoye, M-Sergiyev Posad, M-Golitsyno, M-Klin]
Noel Warr,
Leonard Tann,
Gary Combs
39 Anti-Soviet Military Formations in World War II George G. Werbizky
41 Russia: The 15-kop., Scott #81 and #125 Re-engraved or Large Die VarietyJohn R. Iacovino
43 Unknown No More [Zemstvo Covers]George G. Werbizky
52 Flyspecker 148 Greg Mirsky and
David Waterman
[A Fantail or not a fantail: Scott 714/15, 913, 959,969/70, 1080-1082, 1083/84/ ONE MORE Dobrolyubov variety Scott 589/ Illustration to Lobachevsky Catalog Scott 42/ Unlisted two varieties on 7 kop Scott 30]
59 The First Line of Defense: Imperial Russian Customs and Foreign Printed Matter
[II/ cont’d from Rossica#146]
David M. Skipton
69 The 7500R and 100000R Surcharges on the 250 - Ruble Stamps of 1921 - Record of Plate Numbers
[cp Rossica 140/41 pp 52 first article]
Raymond J. Pietruszka
71 Deniken Issue Forgeries Igor Myaskovsky
75 Kuban Issue Forgeries. Scott#47-49 or Michel #13-15Igor Myaskovsky
Literature Review:
73 - Postal Stationery of Russia and its Dependencies (1845-1922), 2006 by Alexander EpsteinJohn Lechtanski
77 - Almanakh 2David Skipton
78 - Philatelic Study Report 2008-
I Unstamped Russian Envelopes with Space Symbolics, by James G. Reichmann
For Members
III From the Editor’s Desk Jeff Radcliffe
IV The Rossica Society Website Jeff Radcliffe
38 Guidelines for Submitting Articles to the Editor
74 Rossica Library Rules
77 Advertising in the Journal
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79 Rossica Society Bookshop

Page: Journal Number 147/Fall 2006 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
I Early Communications with Persia [Letter sent from Tiflis to Teheran 1858] Björn Sohrne
3 The Red Army Field Post during the Soviet-Finnish War of 1939-1940 (transl David Skipton) Anatoly Osatinski
24 Soldier‘s Mail in World War I [Mail of wounded military personnel] George G. Werbizky
28 Fly Specker 147 [Scott#77 & 123/331, 334 & 354, 357/ 426/ 589, 589a/ 953/ 735] Greg Mirsky &
David Waterman
31 Russian Stampless Mail Abroad - Part 1 Dr. Ivo Steijn
38 Esperanto Behind Bars [Esperanto in jail cell in Siberia] David M. Skipton
40 Zemstvo Collectors Rejoice! [Gurevich;Poltorak; Strebulaev Zemstvo Catalogue from 2005 George G. Werbizky
44 Anything that Came to Hand. “Do-it-yourself Mail in the USSR during World War II (1941-1945) (transl. David Skipton) Meer Kossoy
52 Non-Postal Zemstvo Activity George G. Werbizky
68 Prisoner-of-war Camps in Imperial Russia (trans. David Skipton) [New, expanded Listing of 320 camps] Miron Lam &
Vladimir Vinokur
74 Late 19th- and 20th-century Mail. The Samara-Zlatoust [route 123-124] and Volga-Bugul’ma [303-304] Railroads [ I ] (transl. David Skipton) V.G. Levandovsky
81 Formulars as Postal Stationery? (transl. David Skipton) Alexander Epstein
For Members
2 From the Editor’s Desk Jeff Radcliffe
30 Guidelines for Submitting Articles to the Editor
43 Advertising in the Journal
58 Rossica at Washington 2006 (Internat. Exhibition) David M. Skipton
67 The Rossica Society Website
80 Member-to-Member Adlet Information
Literature Reviews:
85 - Postal Stationery Almanac No. 1, 2005 David Skipton
85 - Standard-Issue State Postage Stamps of the Ukraine, 2003 David Skipton
85 - Philatelic Study Report 2005-1, Russian New Year’s Issues Relatedto Spaceflight, by James Reichman David Skipton
87 - Provisional Postal Regulations Effective 1 January 1872, transl. by Howard Weinert David Skipton
88 - Charity Letters bearing advertisements for the benefit of orphans (1898-1901), by Arnold Ryss Gary Combs
88/37 - Latvia Handbook of Philately and Postal History – The Postgebiet Ob.Ost Jeff Radcliffe
66 - A Short History of the Rossika Society 1929-1968, by David Skipton George G. Werbizky
89 Rossica Publications Order Form
90 Secretary‘s Report-Rossica Annual Meeting at Washington 2006

Page: Journal Number 146/Spring 2006 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
3 Watchmen at the Gates: Censorship of Foreign Printed Matter in Imperial Russia [ I/ Contd. Rossica#148] [Part I: History and Background/Part II: Catalog of Censor Marks] David Skipton
48 Fly Specker 146 [Scott# 72/ 18/ 682/ 747/ 876/ 953/ 1242] Greg Mirsky &
David Waterman
51 Money Order Formulars (Official Releases by the State Printing Office) Vladimir Venets
58 Notes on the Russian Field Post and Censorship during the Russo-Turkish War of 1828-1829 Ian Roberts,
59 Perforation Forgery on Zemstvo Stamps George Werbizky
60 The International Language of Esperanto in Russia (transl by David Skipton) Meer Kossoy
72 Clandestine Surveillance of Mail in Odessa from 1921 to World War II Steve Volis &
David Skipton
78 Formulars (translated by Anatoli Chlenov) Miron Lam
86 A Christmas Story (transl. by Anatoli Chlenov)
[Postal Stationery: Unaccepted essay of Postal cards in 1906-07?]
Miron Lam
86 Philatelic Review: Postgeschichte Kaiserreich Russland, Band I, Kupec
For Members
1 Editorial Jeff Radcliffe
1 Member-to-Member Adlet Information
2 2005 Annual Meeting @ Chicagopex Ed Laveroni
87 Bookshop
89 Submitting articles to the Editor
90 Rossica Society Website
91 Rossica Publications. Member Pricing and Shipping Info

Page: Journal Number 145/Spring 2005 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
1 Editor’s Note Jack Radcliffe
3 To the Right of Me, Only the Wall - To the left of Them, Only Hell
(The Monarchist V.M. Purishkevich) [1870-1920]
David M. Skipton
7 The Debate Continues (translated by D. Skipton) [Reply to Rossica#142 A. Epstein:Postal Stationery for Russian Servicemen during WWI: E second Look] Meer Kossoy
10 Early Mail from and to the Far Eastern Republic Alexander Epstein &
Ivo Steijn
19 The Russian Philatelic Society in China [WWII and after] Raymond J. Pietruszka
22 Batum Train Designation Handstamps [‘On the morning/evening train’-cachets applied in Batum, not in Tiflis. Cp. 144, 37 Levandovsky.] Dr. Howard L. Weinert
24 More Romanov-Zemstvo Combies? Leonard Tann
25 Enigma 2: Ukrainian Mail Abroad in 1995 Ivo Stejjn
30 Zemstvo Letters: Registered, Money, and Special Delivery (Express) Mail George O. Werbizky
37 Entertainment Tax in Imperial Russia, an attempt to Classify Entertainment Tickets Edward Bubis
46 Flyspecker 145 [Litho Star or Typo Star?/ Scott# 922/ 941/1189/ 3152/ Easy way to recognise Bermont Avalov Army forgeries] Greg Mirsky and
David Waterman
51 From the Archives: Early Rossica Application Kennedy L. Wilson
54 The Mailman Cometh! [Picture PC with a mail carrier, a little mail pouch attached to card, containing fold-out pictures of a city etc] Gary Combs
For Members
1 2005 Annual Meeting Announcement
2 President’s Message
2 Member-to-Member Adlets
6 Advertising in the Journal
49 Submittung Articles to the Editor
50 Letters to the Editor
52 Rossica Website
58 2006 Annual Meeting Announcement
60 Index
Backside cover: “Rossica has forgotten…” [Request for infos on Rossica’ History]

Page: Journal Number 144/Spring 2005 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
3 From the Archives: 30th Anniversary of Rossica A.A. Chebotkevich
5 More Zemstvo Covers Werbizky, G. G.
10 Armenia, more about Fakes using Archive Material Pateman, Trevor
11 Mail sent abroad by the Zemstvo Administrative Office Werbizky, G. G.
13 Notes on the Moscow Butyrka Rail Station Warr, Noel;
Tann, Leonard;
Combs, Gary
20 Russian Mute Cancels (1914-1917). Addenda, Corrigenda, and Positive Identification Levin, Arnold
33 Fly Specker 144 [Star overprints Scott216-229/ Scott 380, 908, 923-26] Mirsky, Greg and
Waterman, David
37 Single-line cachets used at the Tiflis Main Post Office on letters mailed to Batum via the Transcaucasian Railway, 1899-1902 [‘On the morning train’ & ‘On the evening train’; cachets applied in Tiflis, which is wrong. See Weinert, Rossica#145, 22] Levandovsky, V. G.
44 Temporary Post Offices in the Russian Army (Transl. D. Skipton) Kossoy, Meer
For Members
2 President’s Message
2 Member-to-Member Adlets
3 Advertising in the Journal
4 Submittung Articles to the Editor
4 Librarian’s Note
61 Philatelic Reviews
63 Letters to the Editor
66 Rossica Bookshop
69 Rossica Website
70 Index
71 Publications Pricing

Page: Journal Number 143/Fall 2004 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
3 Arms Envelopes and Letter-cards Overprinted in 1916 Tann, Leonard
11 Armenian Overprints - Making Life Easier. Part One: Serebrakian Framed and Unframed Zs Pateman, Trevor
15 More Armenian Clarifications: Ruble Surcharges Pateman, Trevor
16 Why did the Moscow Post Office ask that the Envelope be returned? (Translated by D. Skipton) [See Rossica#139, p 36] Kossoy, Meer
19 Zemstvo Stamps Errors - Varieties on Cover Werbizky, G. G.
24 A Beautiful Octagonal Cancel [PV 147, serial 2, 6-XII-1908] Laveroni, Ed
26 Unrecognized and Unrecorded Zemstvo Mail 3rd Installment Werbizky, G. G.
28 Fly Specker 143 [Scott 188-190, 941, 1131 I & II, 1132 I, 1138, 1135, 1139, 1916, 1957, 1962, 1983] Mirsky, Greg & Waterman, Dave
34 Russian Postal Activity in Persia, 1914-1917 Kugel, Alfred F.
39 Permit Me to Disagree [see Rossica#140/41, p 80] (Translated by D. Skipton) Kossoy, Meer
42 Mariya Spiridonova - Addenda and Corrigenda [Cp Rossica#142, p 68] Skipton, David
44 A Couple of Other Wooden Postcards [Cp Rossica#142] Epstein, Alexander
46 Annulled Zemstvo Stamps Werbizky, G. G.
48 When Were They Issued? [1.Imperforate and high-face-value perforated definitives 1917
(Scott 119-35 & 137/38) 2. Perforated definitves of 1922-23 (Scott 234-237)]
Epstein, Alexander
52 The Language of Postage Stamps (Translated by D. Skipton) Kossoy, Meer
For Members
2 President’s Message
2 Member-to-Member Adlets
23 Submittung Articles & Letters to the Editor
25 Dealer-Member Advertising
64 Philatelic Reviews
67 Letters to the Editor
68 http://www.rossica.org
Publications Pricing inside Back-cover

Page: Journal Number 142/Spring 2004 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
7 French Vignettes - Commemorating the Tsar’s Visits to France Nickle, Bill
14 A New Zemstvo Discovery or Hopes dashed? Werbizky, G. G.
15 Reflections in the Philatelic Mirror: New Memorial Stamps Medish, Vadim
16 Unrecognized and Unrecorded Zemstvo Mail - 2nd Installment Werbizky, G. G.
28 More Interesting Mail [during the Civil War] Epstein, Alexander
30 The Perforation Marks of Moscow Combs, Gary,
Scheper, Dick
Warr, Noel
41 Fly Specker 142 [Imperial Russia: Scott#8, #26/RSFSR Scott#237b/ USSR Scott#436,467,469, 715/715a, 4213]Mirsky, Greg and
Waterman, Dave
44 The Construction and Early Postmarks of the Amur Line, 1912-1915 (translated by Skipton, Dave) Levandovsky, V. G.
[Historical and toponymic information/ The Amur line as part of the Great Siberian Railroad: Initial construction of the GSR. Formation of Siberian Railroad Committee/The competing directions for future Amur mainline and Chinese-Eastern Railroad/Selection of the Amur Main line route/ Initial construction of Amur Railroad/ details of construction. With list of stations on Amur Railroad 1915]
60 Mariya Spiridonova (1884-1941) Skipton, Dave
71 An “Overprinted Tsiolkovsky” Essay Stamp? (translated by Skipton, Dave) Kossoy, Meer
74 Soviet Union Payment-by-Mail Forms with Advertising Shalimoff, George
80 The Dikanka Circle (socio-historical and cultural associations) Bubis, Edward &
Nelipa, Margarita
91 Petrograd to Leningrad [Amendment by] Gary Combs
92 Russian Army Mail from Armenia (1914-1917) (translated by Skipton, D.) Kossoy, Meer
95 Postally-used Wooden Postcards Nickle, Bill
98 Postal Stationery for Russian Servicemen During WWI: A Second Look Epstein, Alexander
For Members
4 Article Submssion & Letters to the Ed.
5 President’s Message
6 Dealer-Member Advertising
59 Member-to-Member Adlets
102 Philatelic Reviews
103 Journal Errata [Rossica# 137, p 51 & #140-141, pp 73-79]
104 Librarian Notes
105 Rossica Publications
108 Publications Pricing

Page: Journal Number 140-141/2003 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
5 From the Editor’s Desk Jeff Radcliffe
6 President’s Message Gary Combs
8 Mail of Interest During the Russian Civil War Werbizky, George G.
11 Trends in Russian Philately [I. General Trends in the Hobby II. Changes specific to Russian Philately III. How the Changes in the Hobby and Russian Philately Affect us as Collectors IV. How the Changes in the Hobby and the Russian Philately affect the Russian Philatelic Societies around the World] Sherwood-Jenkins, Marcus
19 Regarding Field Censorship of AEF Siberia Mail [Additional on historical background & some examples] Klein, Jeffrey J.
28 Letter-St. Petersburg to Frankfurt am Main [5 May 1913 reg. money letter] Kupec, Hans
30 Commemorating Dimitrii Ivanovich Mendeleev and His Periodic Law Shalimoff, George V
37 A Couple of Dumb Postmarks Tann, Leonard
40 One for Ten, The Soviet Deflation of 1961: International MaiI Briggs, John L
52 Plate Numbers on the 7500/250R Issue, Scott #201 [Cp Rossica#148 p 69 for update] Pietruszka, Raymond J.
56 When it Happened: Petrograd to Leningrad [The historical circumstances] Klein, Jeffrey J.
61 A Life in Opposition (Vladimir L‘vovich Burtsev, 1862-1942) Skipton, David M.
71 Stamps and Spooks [Stamps depicting Espionage figures] Medish, Vadim
72 Brender Covers [Author asking for info] Jeff Radcliffe
73 A Brief History of the Russian DoubIe-Headed Eagle
(and its Relation to Revenues and Postage Stamps)
Denisenko, G. A.
80 A Warning to My Fellow Collectors [Fraud of doplatit] Leonard Tann
81 Some Comments and Additions to A. Epstein‘s Article “Postal Stationery for Russian Servicemen During World War 1“ [Cp Rossica#135] (translated by David Skipton) Kossoy, Meer
94 Azerbaijan: Check Your Gutters! [Central & Secondary Gutters] Pateman, Trevor
96 Following in the Tracks of Mutes Epstein, Alexander
105 More of the Little Grandmother of the Revolution [Cp Rossica#139] Sherwood-Jenkins, M. A.
108 The „Repressed“ and „Rehabilitated“ Postal Heroes Medish, Vadim
110 Ostarbeiter-Mail - Interesting and Rare Items Werbizky, George G.
118 Romanoff-Zemstvo Combies Tann, Leonard
120 FIy Specker 140
[Imperial Semi-Postal stamps 1914/15/Overprints on Money stamps 1917/ 4th anniversary of October Revolution/ Mirsky, Greg &
Pioneer issue 1936/2 ruble of Aviation issue 1951 Waterman, Dave
126 Dear Fly Speckers, since you asked... [Scott 583a position of ‘flaming Number 1’] Klein, Jeffrey J.
Information For Members
4 Article Submssion and Letters to the Editor
7 Annual Dues Notice
10 Recruit New Members!
36 The Samovar
51 Dealer-Member Advertising Information
60 The Rossica Newsletter
127 Lettes to the Editor
129 Member-to-Member Adlet Information
130 Philatelic Reviews
136 From the Webmaster’s Domain Jeff Radcliffe
138 Rossica Publications for Sale
142 Rossica Publications Member Pricing and Shipping Information

Page: Journal No. 139/Fall 2002 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
4 From the Editor’s Desk Jeff Radcliffe
5 President’s Message Gary Combs
7 A Variety of...No Wait! Ivo Steijn
8 Registration Labels Used in German-occupied Soviet Union George G. Werbizky
10 Anatomy of a Postcard [Repetiton from Rossica #134!?] Gary Combs
13 From the 1909 Postal Regulations.
[Chapter 7 – The Transfer of Money Translated by Gary Combs & Edward Bubis
15 Interesting Postcard from Paris [commemorating visit of Tsar/Tsarina]
16 Two More Items of Zemstvo Interest Alexander Epstein
18 A Strange Soviet Postcard [from Central-Asian Inquiry Office..] E. Norman Lurch
19 The “Little Grandmother of the Russian Revolution,” [Yekaterina Konstantinova Bresko-Breshkovaya (1844-1934)] David Skipton
33 C.M.T. Surcharges – Sorting the “G” from the “F” [Western Ukraine: sorting genuine from forgery] Trevor Pateman
36 Société des Moteurs Gnome [French aircraft firm with a factoy in Moscow buliding engines in 1912/13. Letter from Paris to Moscow 1916] Gary Combs
38 Poltava Zemstvo Revisited George G. Werbizky
41 Philately and Politics in Russia
[Ideological priorities of ruling Soviet leaders & reflection on stamp design]
Vadim Medish
46 Unsolicited Comments on Russian Paper Currency [South Russia & Amur Region’s four money-stamps] George G. Werbizky
48 Fly Specker 139 [Scott#583/583a 1-kop /Scott#1766/ Scott#1860a in perf 12 ¼ / Scott#123, 28, 22, 48/Milkins perforation varieties of 1958-63]Greg Mirsky &
David Waterman
52 Ooh-La-La in Siberia [Ulala =little town in Biysk district/Tomsk province. Became 1922 capital of Oirot Autonomous Province] Ivo Steijn
55 Political Censorship in Russia (translated by David Skipton) Meer Kossoy
68 The Turkish Occupation of Transcaucasia in 1918 [Historical Background/Philatelic Consequences/The Ottoman Post in Georgia/- in Armenia/ - in Azerbaijan/Summary] Alfred F. Kugel
75 When Did it Happen? [Name change Petrograd to Leningrad exact date?] Gary Combs
Of Interest To Members
32 Member-to-Member Adlet Information
35 Rossica Auction 2003
35 Dealer-Member Advertising Information
76 Philatelic Reviews
79 Rossica Website Newsletter
80 From the Webmaster’s Domain Jeff Radcliffe

Page: Journal No. 138/Spring 2002 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
4 From the Editor’s DeskJeff Radcliffe
5 President’s MessageGary Combs
8 New Zemstvo Items [incl. another bisect of Sumy]George G. Werbizky
10 An Unknown Local Provisional?Alexander Epstein
13 Reverse Propaganda Postcards [manufact. 1918/19 by Vladimir Kubn]Eugene Dreger
16 The First Russian Air Mail Stamp -Varieties, Fakes and UsesG. Adolph Ackerman
25 What is that? Stamp-like Russian Paper CurrencyLloyd Kannenberg
32 Russian World War I Mail from Western ArmeniaAlfred F. Kugel
34 Unrecognized and Unrecorded Zemstvo MailGeorge G. Werbizky
56 Fly Specker [Imperial Semi-postal stamps of Dec 1904 & of Nov 1914]Greg Mirsky,
Dave Waterman
and the Northern
California Chapter
60 The Voyage of the “Shchel’ya,”Philip Robinson
62 Moscow Censorship During World War 1Gary Combs
83 Some Riddles of World War I Mail from RomaniaAlexander Epstein
88 IZHITSA (bless you) and Other Conspiracies [Izhitsa = pre-revolutionary Cyrillic Alphabet, looks like a “V” with an extension at top right. Its included in some postmarks in addition to the serial letter]Ivo Steijn
Of Interest To Members
12 Member-to-Member Adlet Information
31 Dealer-Member Advertising Information
93 Society Publications for Sale
99 Special Notice on Postage Rates for all Rossica Publication Sales
99 Rossica Journal Back-Issues for Sale
100 Philatelic Reviews
106 Addendum to Rossica Journal 137
107 Library Notes
108 From the Webmaster’s Domain

Page: Journal No. 137/Fall 2001 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
2 From the Editors Desk Jeff Radcliffe
3 President’s Message Gary Combs
4 SESCAL - Rossica’s 2001 Annual Meeting Ray Pietruszka
6 The Cherleniovsky Money Order [Cp Rossica #120, #128-29 & #130 for Cherleniovski] George G. Werbizky
8 The Sad Fate of Armenia’s Archives [see addendum Rossica#138 p106] [Discusses improvements and forgeries of material] Trevor Pateman
14 Solikamsk Zemstvo Bisect Validated [Cp Rossica#136 p19] George G. Werbizky
15 More on the St. Petersburg State Chancellery Postmark [Cp Rossica #113-14, p 32] Leonard Tann
17 Enigma - Ukrainian Mail Abroad in 1994 Ivo Steijn
24 Child Welfare Set of 1926 (translation by David Skipton) M. Mil’ken
26 Field Censorship Regulations. The American Expedtionary Forces in Siberia, September 1918. Introduction by Jeff Radcliffe
39 Russian Fieldpost in the Caucasus 1877-1878 Alfred F. Kugel
40 A Classification of the Stamps of the Saratov Magistrates Court J. G. Moyes
45 Zemstvo - Covers of Interest George G. Werbizky
53 The Russian Red Cross in the Balkans 1912-1915 Alfred F. Kugel
56 How to Provide Decent Illustrations for Rossica George G. Werbizky
63 The First Soviet Postcard Gone Astray [Usages of this ‘domestic’ card to foreign destinations] Ivo Steijn
67 World War II Fiscal Stamp - Occupation of the Soviet Union George G. Werbizky
Of Interest To Members
52 Addendum to Rossica Journal 136[, p 36 Placename changes]
66 Dealer-Member Advertising Information
66 Dealer-Member Ads
69 From the Webmaster’s Domain
70 Member-to-Member Adlet Information
70 Member-to-Member Adlets
71 Society Publications for Sale
76 Philatelic Reviews
78 Northern California Chapter News

Page: Journal No. 136/April 2001 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
2 From the Editor’s Desk
3 From France to North Russia with the Army Postal Service Deputy Assistant Director Army Postal Service Archangel Repr. from the G.P.O. magazine St Maartin’s-le-Grand, July 1919 Major J. Smith, R.E.
8 Petrograd Issues of Postal Stationery Cards Alexander Epstein
12 Zemstvo Mail to a Foreign Country George G. Werbizky
19 Our Ranks Have Grown By One [An other Zemstvo bisect from Solikamsk] George G. Werbizky
23 Zemstvo Stamps Used as Postage Due George G. Werbizky
25 Some Interesting Zemstvo Cancels Bill Nickle
32 Gan ‘ko Brothers at Work (Translated by George G. Werbizky) E. Mirzoev
35 Puzzle Solved [stamped envelope of Tula zemstvo George G. Werbizky
36 The Name Game: Russian Placename Changes [See addendum in Rossica#137 p 52] Ivo Steijn
43 To Be or Not to Be: Real or Forgery Alexander Safonoff
44 Ukraine: Postal History 1900-1945 Andrew Oleksiuk
57 A New Constant Flaw? [Scott#75 3-kopeck arms type] Ged Seiflow
Of Interest To Members
58 From the President
59 National Meeting at SESCAL 2001
60 Library Notes Ged Seiflow
61 Member-to-Member Adlets
62 Dealer-Member Ads
62 Back Issues of the Rossica Journal
63 Society Publications For Sale
67 The Rossica Specialized Catalog of the RSFSR
68 Reviews of Philatelic Publications

Page: Journal No. 135/October 2000 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
3 A word from the new Editor: HELP! Ivo Steijn
4 President’s Message Gary Combs
5 Election results
6 Warning on forgeries of Russian stamps and postal history From Rossica and CSRP
9 The Imperial stationery-Zemstvo connection George G. Werbizky
16 Further notes on Romanov-Zemstvo combinations Leonard Tann
17 A Closer Look at Some Uncommon and Some Not Well-Documented Zemstvo Stamps Bill Nickle
27 Russian mail to the West before 1843: some forwarded letters W.J. de Jongh & Ivo Steijn
34 A Russian Prisoner of War’s correspondence during the Crimean War Ian W. Roberts
35 The Devil is in the Details: the Russian Scientists issue of 1951 Gregory Mirsky &
David Waterman
42 Ship mail in the Far East during the Civil War [2 examples] lvo Steijn
43 Russia celebrates her most famous son in style [Alexander Pushkin] Jeff Dugdale
50 Postal stationery for Russian servicemen during WW1 [Official/semi-offical and private stationery] Alexander Epstein
69 Library notes Ged Seiflow
70 Auction notes Ivo Steijn
73 Member-to-member adlets
74 Society publications for sale
79 Reviews

Page: Journal No. 134/April 2000 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
2 From the Editor’s Desk
4 When the Balloon Went Up Philip E. Robinson
5 Imperial Russia and Its Flying Machines: History and Philately G. Adolph Ackerman
[In the Beginning/ Aero-Clubs, Early Aircraft, and Designers/Early Aviation and the Public/ The Clouds of War/Stamps and Labels Related to Aviation and the War Effort/The Fall of the Empire and Aviation in Russia]
20 1922 Siberia Issue [Date of Issue] George Werbizky
22 Zemstvo Bisects: An Addition [Urzhum Bisects. Cp Rossica#131/32]] George Werbizky
23 Some Notes on the Red Cross during World War I [Inter alia: Croix Rouge Danoise Agance de Prisoniers de Guerre in Copenhagen & Moskauer Hilfskomité für Kriegsgefangene in Kopenhagen, established by Russian Red Cross] Natalie Krasheninnikoff
39 Anatomy of a Postcard [from Novyi Afon on the Black Sea 21-8-1909] Gary Combs
43 Soviet Air Fleet/Osoaviakhim Emissions on Postal Documents G. Adolph Ackerman
73 [Soviet] Russian Envelopes with Hidden Identification Numbers Jim Reichman
Of Interest To Members
89 From the President
90 Library Notes
91 Member-to-Member Adlets
92 Dealer-Member Ads
93 Society Publications For Sale
96 New Rossica Publications
99 News from the Former Soviet Union

Page: Journal No. 133/October 1999 - Rossica Society of Russian Philately Author:
2 From the Editor’s Desk
3 A Classification of the Stamps of the Khvalynsk Magistrates Appeals Court J. G. Moyes
8 “Thar She Blows”: Nineteenth-Century Yankee Whalers in Russia’s Northern Waters - A Historical and Philatelic Connection G. Adolph Ackerman
26 Notes on the Russian Watermarks [Translated from Deutsche Briefmarken-Zeitung and originally printed in Gibbons Stamp Weekly, vol 10: 1909 pp 184-86/ 202-04] Hugo Krötsch [Krötzsch]
32 The Romanov - Zemstvo Connection George G. Werbizky
40 Russian Zemstvo Free-Frank Paper Seals [with alphabetical listing of paper seals] Bill Nickle
52 In Postmaster Gan ‘ko’s Footsteps: Lokhvitsa Zemstvo George G. Werbizky
53 International Collector Societies [of Picture Postcard Collectors e.g.Globe] Gary Combs
68 The Russian Field Post in the Caucasian World War I Theater-of-War: Addenda & Corrigenda A. Epstein
71 Additional Notes on the American Relief Administration Courier Service Raymond J. Pietruszka
75 Revenue Stamps of Soviet Ukraine Ingert Kuzych &
Viktor Mohylny
78 More Siberian Surprises: Comments on the Article byIvo Steyn and something else A. Epstein
85 The North Pole Overprints of 1955-1956, Dave Waterman
86 Soviet Intercosmos Issues ‘78-’87 Jeff Dugdale
90 “Historic Ukrainian Churches”: The Stamp-Production Process Ingert Kuzych and
Val Zabijaka
95 Philatelic Books: Printing, Publishing, and Plagiarism P. E. Robinson
Of Interest To Members
97 From the President
100 Library Notes
102 Member-to-Member Adlets
103 Expertization, Dealer-Member Ads
104 Society Publications For Sale
107 New Rossica Publications
110 Reviews of Phllatelic Publications

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Index "The British Journal of Russian Philately"

The British Journal of Russian Philately
President: Terry Page FRSPL,
30 Furze Lane, Purley, Surrey, CR8 3EG.  terry.page1@btinternet.com
Die Nummer 1 von "The British Journal of Russian Philately" erschien im Dezember 1946. Die Zeitschrift erscheint zweimal jährlich und wird von der "British Society of Russian Philately" herausgegeben. Ihr Bezug ist im Mitgliedsbeitrag zur Society enthalten. Alle Hefte der Zeitschrift können (nur) in Form einer CD/DVD von der Society bezogen werden. Nach dem Tod des Herausgebers Dennis Page,  ist ein Bezug nur noch über die Britische Gesellschaft selbst möglich, Kontaktadressen dazu sind:
die Emailadresse:   mail@bsrp.org
die Homepage:     www.bsrp.org

Page: Number 107/November 2017 - BJRP Author:
The British Journal of Russian Philately No 107 - Editorial Board: Edward Klempka (Editor), Philip E Robinson, Ron Tufft , 108 pages
IContents -
IIEditorialEdward Klempka
IIOfficers of the Society-
IIIBSRP London Annual Meeting, 15 October 2016-
11899 Labels [for Registered Post]Noel Warr
4Forgeries of the Lenin Mourning Issue of 1924John R Iacovino
7Regional Postal History of Ukraine 1917-1921: Podolia and Volhynia – Part I Thomas Berger and
Alexander Epstein
25The “EZGP” Watermark on Russian Postage StampsIng. Alois Vavra, Csc.
32Shake, Rattle and Roll: A carriage Journey Across Siberia in 1875Howard Weinert
34What Happened at the Batum Post Office during the British OccupationHans Grigoleit and
Edward Klempka
40The Clandestine Mail Surveillance Office at Minsk 1921 - 1950David Skipton and
Steve Volis
51Czecho-Slovak Society of Russian Philately [Short presentation of this Society with a list of its publications]Simon Horecky
52BSRP Journal No. 106 – Errata Vyatka Gubernia (Province) Non Stamp Issuing Zemstvo Uezds (Districts)Anthony Calvert
53Post Stations and their Manuscript Markings in the Terrritory of Today’s Estonia (1833 to approximately 1875)Hannes Westendorf
70Mongolia – from Genghis Khan to the People’s Republic. Postal History, Postmarks and Postage Stamps (XIII th century to 1941)Wilhelm Grundmann
106Announcement of a book: Batum under Occupation , The years 1917-1921-
107 Obituaries: Dr R J Ceresa, Trevor Pateman-
108Reg Hindley and Terry A Morris-

Page: Number 106/November 2016 - BJRP Author:
100 pages,
Editorial Board: Edward Klempka (editor), Philip E. Robinson, Terry Page, Lenard Tiller
2EditorialEdward Klempka
2Officers of the Society -
3BSRP London Annual Meeting 17 October 2015-
4What is "ФИШЕР" ["Fischer" on sheet margins (some issues from 1936-41)
is the name of a German manufacturer of printing machines in Bielefeld..]
Simon Horecky and
Ing. Alois Vavra
6Tiflis Postage Stamp [New Data: Exist one or two distinct types? See the numerous illustrations. Furthermor ill. of cancellations on Tiflis stamps.]Alexander Safonoff
11Rehabilitation Censorship [Single cover to Solosin (1875-1938). This cover shows a mark by Solosin from 1936 and a censormark from (19)82]David Skipton
14Regional Postal History of Ukraine 1917-1921: Kherson Guberniya - Part II
[Publ. in German in DZRP 102, 11-20 (2015)]
Thomas Berger and
Alexander Epstein
26A Queen Defiled [Georgia:St. George & Queen Tamara with all different overprints]Ron Tufft
32The Numbered Postmarks of Moscow City Post 1858 to 1917Noel Warr
55The Great Siberian Way - some new data [Amendments to the series of 30 cards publ. from 1913 onwards by Suvorin & Co.]Philip E Robinson FRPSL
57Vyatka Guberniya (Province) Non Stamp Issuing Zemstvo Uezds (Districts)Anthony Calvert
76The Russian RevolutionWikipedia
77FEATURE ARTICLE: The Postal History of Early Bolshevik Russia [Nov. 1917 to the very end of 1920]Trevor Pateman
96OBITUARY Dr. Raymond Casey - A Personal MemoirJack Moyes
98BOOK REVIEW: Soviet Clandestine Mail Surveillance 1917-1991David Skipton
99Spotlight on... Trevor Pateman

Page: Number 105/November 2015 - BJRP Author:
99 pages,
Editorial Board: Edward Klempka (Editor), Jack Moyes, Terry Page, Lenard Tiller
2Officers of the Society -
3Editorial, BSRP Weekend Meeting held 04-05 Oct. 2014Edward Klempka
41935-36 Kushka [Northern route from Afghanistan to Germany]Robert Jack
6Sweden Travellers - an Episode at the End of the Second World War [Internment of German soldiers in Sweden
end of the war and the handing over of these Germans to the Soviet Union end of 1945, begin 1946. Illustration of a large POW correspondence.] transl. from German by Philip E Robinson, FRPSL
Andreas Bliersbach
18Regional Postal History of Ukraine 1917-21: Kherson Guberniya - Part 1Thomas Berger and
Alexander Epstein
50Prisoner of War Mail from Japanese Controlled P.O.W. Camps 1919-1920 [Examples from Pervaya Rechka - and Nikolsk prisoner of war camps.]Edward Klempka
52Russian Empire Used Abroad: Russian Post in China ['Kalgan' cancellation. Kalgan located directly at The Great Wall of China.]Dr. Wilhelm Grundmann
561917-1919 Printing, Distribution and Use of Imperial Arms Imperforate Stamps [Empirical study: early dates of use, disappearance from use, limited geographic distribution.]Trevor Pateman
59The Luboml Issue [MICHEL catalogues this issue under Poland, Lokalausgaben. At time of printing Luboml was under Russian jurisdiction.]Ron Tufft
63Japanese Occupation of Sakhalin Island [Occupied from 1920-15 May 1925. Presentation of known Japanese field post offices.]Edward Klempka
66Moscow: Temporary Offices [Only a few known: French Exhibition, 1891/ The Kremlin/ Petrovsko-Razumovsky/ Skolniki/ Sparrow Hills.]Noel Warr
70The Northern Route - Mail from Afghanistan through Russia during World War IIRobert Jack
78Stamps of General Vlasov's ArmySimon Horecky
831904 Russian Japanese War Scottish P.O.W. Edward Klempka
86Imperial Free Frank Paper Seals in Georgian TerritoryHans-Günther Grigoleit
91A Railway Miscellany [A look to unusual items]J. G. Moyes
98Spotlight On... Philip E Robinson FRPSL

Page: Number 104/November 2014 - BJRP Author:
98 pages,
Editorial Board: Edward Klempka (Editor), Jack Moyes, Terry Page, Lenard Tiller
1Contents -
2Officers of the Society -
3Editorial, BSRP Weekend Meeting held 19-20 Oct. 2013Edward Klempka
4Some Money for the Abbot ['Money Letter' 1901 to the abbot on Mount Athos]Philip Robinson FRPSL
6Regional Postal History of Ukraine 1917-1921:
Kharkov and Yekaterinoslav Gubernias - Part II
[In German also in DZRP]
Thomas Berger &
Alexander Epstein
28Marco Fontano, a Stamp Collector's Nightmare
[General Miller set, White Army set, Turkmenistan set, Azerbaijan Pictorial set, Freedom from Captivity stamp, Starvation set, Allegory set, Soviet Leaders set]
Ron Tufft
32Ship Mail from and to JapanHiromasa Iitsuka
40Russian Censorship of Foreign Newspapers, Magazines and Printed MatterCharles Leonard
42Ukraine - The Kherson TridentPeter Cybaniak
50The Iran Gilan (Bolshevik) Insurgency StampsRon Tufft
52The 1861 List of Postage RatesCharles Leonard
57The Rarest of the Rare [Vignette 'Luftverkehrs-Bezirk Kiew' 1918]Peter Dybaniak and
Roman Dubyniak
59Azerbaijan Postmaster Provisionals (Vereinbarungsaufdrucke) [Historical background/detailed + illustrated listing]Hans Grigoleit
80Local Revaluations of Stamps Officially not Destined for it [1922, 1923]Alexander Epstein
90Searching for the Unknown Beauty (Michel 682 III A) [Author: Ing. Alois Vavra (Prague)]Simon Horecky
94Book Reviews
Paris to Shanghai, 1903. A Trans-Siberian journey to China.
A Winter Journey Through Siberia to China.
Both: Ph. E. Robinsson & Stephen P S Yen, reviewed by:
Lettland (in German and in English) 1625-1915/18, from Harry von Hofmann, reviewed by

Edward Klempka

Lenard Tiller
-Tribute to Eric Gordon Peel
-John Maurice Gwynn
John Kelion

Page: Number 103/November 2013 - BJRP Author:
99 pages, Editorial Board:
Edward Klempka (editor),Jack Moyes, Terry Page, Lenard Tiller
1Contents -
2Officers of the Society -
3Editorial, BSRP Weekend Meeting held 20-21 Oct. 2012Edward Klempka
6Shadrinsk S12: a stamp surrounded by mysteryBernard Furnon
10Glimpses of the Russian Postal System, 1905
[3 informative photographs]
Philip Robinson
13Napoleon goes to Moscow [Historical oversight of campaigns in Prussia and Russia 1806-1812, illustrated with 15 covers.]Peter Chadwick
28The Bisects of the Zemstvo District of OsaEdward Klempka
37The Charge of the Light Brigade
[Charge by British Cavalry against the Russians at Balaclava on 25 Oct 1854. Illustration of 2 newly surfaced letters, giving an account of the battle.]
Robin Cassel
44Simbirsk to Moscow - a much travelled cover [1857]Noel Warr
46Russian Ship Mail to Korea [Additions to Dr. Casey, Captain’s Log 6 in BJRP 101]Hiroshima Litsuka
49Triple Circle 3 x Line Undated “Otdyelenie Ekspeditsiya Town Post“
[When was this cancel used: 1903-1904??]
Lenard Tiller
51The Sotchi Stamps
[Historical background, the stamps and additional varieties from author’s collection]
Dr. Hans-Günther Grigoleit
57Ukraine Army “Free of Postage“ Handstamps
[after re-proclamation of independence 24.8.1991]
Peter Cybaniak &
Roman Dubyniak
60Polish Occupation of Skalat [Illustration of two rare covers from Nov. 1919]Edward Klempka
61Regional Postal History of Ukraine 1917-1921:
Kharkov and Yekaterinoslav Gubernias (Part 1)
Thomas Berger (Bern),
Alexander Epstein (Tallin)
81A Card from Prince Koslowsky [June 1906]Peter Chadwick
83The Final Postal Stationery of Western UkrainePeter Cybaniak &
Roman Dubyniak
87Mountain Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (Gorskaya ACCR, Bergrepublik)
[Historical summary/ the stamps, 3 covers & 3 panes of Stamps]
Dr. Hans-Günther Grigoleit
92Romanian Occupation of Pokutia [Short summary of stamps, method of production, reprints, etc. & 8 rare covers illustrating use of these stamps]Edward Klempka
97Book Review: The G.H.Kaestlin Collection of Imperial Russian and Zemstvo Stamps reviewed byTerry Page
98Obituary - Norman AmesTerry Page

Page: Number 102/November 2012 - BJRP Author:
110 pages, Editorial Board:
Edward Klempka (editor),Jack Moyes, Terry Page, Lenard Tiller
1BSRP Weekend Meeting - October 2011-
2Officers of the Society-
3EditorialEdward Klempka
4The Omsk Exhibition of 1911 [View cards and exhibition postmark]Philip E. Robinson, FRPSL
7Parcel CardsNoel Warr
13Locally Revalued Industry & Commerce IssueEdward Klempka
19Loot - From Postal History to Social PhilatelyTrevor Pateman
22Batum Postal History During British OccupationMisha Alishabaya
37A Fake Military Censor MarkDavid Skipton
42Topping & Tailing Moscow's LV EkspeditsiaNoel Warr
44The Czechoslovak Army in UkrainePeter Cybaniak and
Roman Dubyniak
57New data on the Northwest Army Postal Service and StampsAlexander Epstein
65LS, Cachet Prive/LS a Curious CancelNoel Warr
66Postal Rates of October and November 1923Edward Klempka
72Volost Administrations Part TwoJack Moyes
81Warsaw, the Vienna Station, an IntroductionNoel Warr
86German Field Post Caucasus/BatumHans Grigoleit
88When were the Russian Post Offices in Manchuria closed?Hiromasa Iitsuka
90Great Britain to Russia - The "Impossible" 1/2dCharles Leonard
93Dauriya-A Prisoner-of-War Camp in Transbaikalia (transl. from German by P.E. Robinson)Andreas Bliersbach
103German Military Mail WWI in the CaucasusHans Grigoleit
110Notices [Obituaries of Alan Blunt, Andrew Cronin, Dennis Page and George G. Werbizky.]-

Page: Number 101/November 2011 - BJRP Author:
Editorial Board: Jack Moyes, Terry Page, Lenard Tiller. Acting editor: Dennis Page-
2Officers of the Society-
3Editorial Dennis Page (Acting Editor)-
4Letter to the EditorCharles Leonard
5The Viatka archive - ZemstvoEdward Klempka
81905 - 1907: a short history on postcardsJ. G. Moyes
20Zemstvos - Rare combinations and an England connectionGeorge G. Werbizky
23The Captain's Log. 6
[Chief concern is Russian ship mail unloaded at North Korean port of Gensan by the shipping arm of the Russian-controlled Chinese Eastern Railway. Article is divided in four headings:
  1. Roman-letter cancellations
  2. Japanese language cancellations
  3. Ship and paquebot marks
  4. Chinese Eastern Railway Maritime Steam-Shipping Company
Last part is to correct serious misconceptions about this company by Tchilinghirian & Stephens (1959, 1960).]
Raymond Casey
43Breaking the ice: the Lake Baikal ferries and the Transbaikal post
[History of this part of the Transsib & list of TPO postmarks of route 241-242.]
Philip E. Robinson
50RSFSR Postmaster Provisionals of 1920 - a thought experimentTrevor Pateman
53In Semyenov's Lair: mail from Transbaikalia, 1919-1921 [Attempt to establish the postal rates in the areas ruled by Semenov:
-First period: Kolchak's rates (1919-May 1920?)
-Second period: Semyonov rates (mid 1920-October 1920?)
-Third period: the early FER period (Nov 1920-May 1921?)
-Fourth period: the pre-stamp FER (May 1921-November 1921)]
Ivo J. Steyn
62The Zemstvo Posts -- a briefing [Based on a display (550 sheets) to the Royal Philatelic Society. Intended as a simple introduction to Zemstvo Posts, divided in:
-Historical Background -Development of the Zemstvo Posts -Postal Regulations -Characteristics of Zemstvo Mail:
-Private Mail a) Covers with stamps, b) Stampless Covers -Official Mail -Postal Stationery -Postal Organisation -Scarcity of Material -Selected Bibliography.]
Terry Page
75More aesthetics [Continuation to BJRP 98-99. Deals with related literature, with labels, cards, etc. from Exhibitions and with the patriotic cards of WWI.]J. G. Moyes
85Russian railway postmarks: some recent discoveries [with 17 pages listing of these discoveries]Philip E.Robinson
103Obituary - Peter Thomas Ashford (1925-2010)P. E. R.
The Steamship Post of Russia: Catalogue-Reference Book, 2011, by Mandrovskii, Mramornov and Tyukov.[A few incorrect things are mentioned by the reviewer.]
Rossica, No 153 & 154
Rossica, No 155
La Gazette du Cercle, Nos 61-63, June/Sept/Dec. 2010
The Baltic Area, No 56, June 2010 & No 58, June 2011
Zhurnal Rus - Rossiyskoy, Ukrainkoy I Sovetskoy Philatelii

R(aymond). C(asey).

Jack Moyes
Terry Page
Terry Page
Dennis Page
Terry Page

Page: Number 100/November 2009 - BJRP Author:
2Officers of the Society-
4France's 11Ivo J. Steijn
12Odessa 8 - Trident stampsEdward Klempka
17Forgery alerts in the early 2Oth centuryDavid Skipton
21Modern Crimean CinderellasIvo J. Steijn
32The Captain's Log. 5Raymond Casey
58This mysterious blue postcardAlexander Epstein
69A French officer's journey through Siberia - 1919 Russian Civil warEdward Klempka
73An inventory of known Breitfuss correspondenceMichael Kuhn
88Methods of cancelling documentary revenuesJack Moyes
108Unauthorised reprints of Soviet stamps?Ivo J. Steijn
111The Viatka archive - ZemstvoEdward Klempka
113Other people's mail - The evacueeDennis Page
114The theme of armed forces on Soviet stamps from 1921-1941 and 1945-1980G. T. Volostnykh
118On the catalogue of pre-stamp postmarks of the Russian EmpireManfred Dobin
125Russian field post in the Far East - Addenda & corrigendaAlexander Epstein
128Letter to the Editor-
128Obituary - Harry Turner 1921-2009P. T. Ashford
Page: Number 98-99/December 2008 - BJRP Author:
2Officers of the Society
4Laurence Leonard Tann, 1945-2007. A tribute. D(ennis) P(age)
6Postmarks of the Crimean ASSR [Imperial survivors/ Group 1: All Russian “KRYM” markings/Group 2: Cyrillic-Arabic postmarks/ Group 3: Cyrillic-Latin postmarks/
Group 4: Standard USSR postmarks]
Ivo Steijn
11Local dues on mail in the early Soviet period...?
[1. Odessa 1921, 2. Nikolaev 1922, 3. Minsk Province 1923]
Alexander Epstein
15Classic Ukrainian revenue stamps, 1918-1922
[Documentary -/Theatre-/Soviet Ukrainian Revenue stamps]
Ingert Kuzych and
Val Zabijaka
27 Early telegrams Noel Warr
37The forgotten ‘Middle Coupons‘ (Translated by Alan Garside BSRP) G T Volostnikh
45 Postal rates in Russia – between 10 May 2004 and 3 October 2005 Natalie Krasheninnikoff
58 Russian picture postcards and military censorship David M Skipton
65 Some Siberian covers J. G. Moyes
67 Moscow directional marks Noel Warr
71 Two Siberian surprises [Last letter from Nikolaevsk-on-Amur/A Civil War usage of Romanov stamps] Ivo Steijn
74 St. Petersburg, an 1856 receipt Noel Warr
76 An aesthetic approach to collecting [Visiting Card Envelopes/Advertising labels/Charities - flags] J. G. Moyes
93 Spravkas Noel Warr
103 Letters to the Editor Stamps covertly announcing the first Soviet atom bomb test G T Volostnikh (SPB)
106 Reviews: A short history of the Rossika Society (1929-1968), by David Skipton Terry Page
Rossica 148, 149, 150/ Post-Rider 57, 58, 59 60 Jack Moyes
The Baltic Area (in Dutch), German Journal for Russian Philately 87, Philatelia Balitca 125, Ukrainian Philatelist Vol 55, Nr 1, 2007 Eastern Europe Philately (Dutch) 3, 4 (2007) Dennis Page
16Endpiece [PPC]

Page: Number 96-97/November 2007 - BJRP Author:
1 Contents
2 Officers of the Society
3 Editorial Dennis Page
4 Volost administrations Jack Moyes
18 The China Shop - 4 [Review of Russian Manchurian postmarks, 1st instalment: Manchuli Railway station, Manchuli Town, Sanchakhe, Closure of Russian CER post offices Raymond Casey
37 New light on the opening of the Russian post in China - a correction Raymond Casey
38 Moscow-related censorship mail Noel Warr
43 Ukraine field post 1920 John Lea
45 Zemstvo insured mail Terry Page
71 The Bogdanovich-Shadrinsk branch line [Part of the Ekaterinburg railway complex] Leonard Tann
74 The official stamps (Dienstmarken) of Ananiev Zemstvo Trevor Pateman
78 Avis de reception - Notification of receipt [Aim of the article to pull together what is known from published sources. Illustration of 10 examples] Noel Warr
87 The inflation period in the Russian Federation [XII periods 1-1-1992 to 12-31-1997 with typical examples] Natalie Krasheninnikoff
97 Dancing in the Karlag [Biography of Nina Aleksandrovna Anisimova (1909-1979) ballet dancer, went to Karlag = part of the Gulag. Correspondence September 1938- October 1939] David Skipton
109 Censorship and customs cachets Alan Blunt
112 The Captain‘s log 4 [Treatment of ship mail cancelled on arrival at foreign ports: How was that done in Western European ports? Casey divides in 1. Pre-adhesive period / 2. Adhesive period] Raymond Casey
129 Multiple franking [a) Using a large number of low value stamps to make up high postal rates b) high franking - using the high value stamps on postal covers. It is much scarcer than a).] Leonard Tann
139 Not by stamps alone (Non-postal zemstvo activity) [Acitivities to help the wounded military personnel] George Werbizky
145 Postal rates Alexander Epstein
150 Reviews: Postal Stationery-Almanac, Volumes 1-4, Iljushin
Postal stationery of Russia and its dependencies (1845-1922), Epstein
Rossica 145, 146, 147, Rossica 44-146 on DVD,
The Baltic Area 49, German Journal for Russian Philately 85, 86,
Eastern Europe Philately Nov 2006, Feb 2007,
Civil Censorship - Study Group 154, Marcophila 147, Ukrainian Philatelist Vol 54, 2
155 Letters to the Editor
1. Incomplete strike reading ATAMANSKAYA ..? Jacques Pirotte (Belgium)
2. Notes on the Siberian railway 1897: A War Office Intelligence report
Found in the Public Record Office [with a sketch map of Russian railroad system] R.L. Joseph

Page: Number 94-95/November 2006 - BJRP Author:
1 Contents
2 Officers of the Society
3 Editorial Dennis Page
4 Russian credit stamps Meer Kossoy (Israel)
8 The China Shop – 3 [Kalgan: Historical background; cancellations, directional markings; Hankow] Raymond Casey
27 WW1 - PoW mail from Siberia James Felton
29 Railway lines – addenda [Maikop-Armavir line/Route 317-318 Armavir-Tuapse line/Chusovaya-Solevarni line] Leonard Tann
33 WW1 - mail from Russia - seized by the Germans - 1915 Graham Mark
38 New light on the opening of the Russian post in the Chinese Empire Raymond Casey
50 Bicycle tax stamps Meer Kossoy (Israel)
52 Unusual cancels Jack Moyes
63 Private posts in Russia, 1918 Lev Ratner
(St. Petersburg)
70 OKCA covers [1919] Alexander Epstein (Tallinn)
76 The use of stamps of the Famine Relief Series (without denomination) for payment of international mail Viadimir Berdichevsky (Israel)
86 Reviews: The Baltic Area (Dutch) 46 & 47 & 48, German Journal for Russian Philatey 83 & 84, Eastern Europe Philately (Dutch) 4 (Nov 2005), 1 Feb 2006, 3 Sept 2006
89 Letters to the Editor
92 Tailpiece Dennis Page

Page: Number 92-93/October 2005 - BJRP Author:
1 Contents
2 Society Officers
3 Editorial Lenard Tiller
4 The Russo-Japanese War remembered Raymond Casey
12 The use of machines for the acceptance of registered letters in Russia Lev Ratner
20 Imperial PS cards of the 1907 and 1909 issues Alexander Epstein
38 Some notes on Imperial Russian revenues Jack Moyes
47 Forgeries of early Zemstvo stamps: Ustsysolsk No. 1 (1872) Ortwin Greis
51 Russian Postal Museum re-opens after 27 years of closure Marcus Sherwood-Jenkins
54 The Maikop-Armavir mail-van (taking in the Tuapse-Armavir line and Armavir and Tuapse stations) Leonard Tann
61 Voyage to oblivion [Russ-Japan. Krieg] Raymond Casey
89 Advertising philately on postcards Meer Kossoy
103 Shadrinsk Zemstvo stamp investigation - progress report George G Werbitzky
104 Postal rates for banderols abroad in Imperial and Soviet Russia (1866-1923) Alexander Epstein
105 The Captain‘s Log. 3 [River Dnieper, River Southern Bug] Raymond Casey
123 A Siberian branch-line - Chusovaya-Solevarni Leonard Tann
129 Letters to the Editor
130Reviews: The Baltic Area 41, Sept 2002, 42, June 2003/ German Journal for Russian Philately 80 May 2004/ The Ukraine Philatelist, 69 & 70/ Eastern Europe Philately 2 + 3 +4,
Year 21, 2 + 3 +4, Year 22/ France-Russie Gazette, 36 + 37/ No snow on their boats, Vasilii Zakharov, 375 pages/ The History & Postal History of Japans Wars, Kenneth G. Clark/
from the History of the St. Petersburg Post 1703 to 1914, Manfred Dobin/ Rossica 142 + 143 + 144.
135 Obituaries [Eugène L.J. Lejeune 1904-2004, Jonas M. Michelson, RDPSA. 1917-2005, George Murdoch, MBE 1930-2005]

Page: Number 91/August 2004 - BJRP Author:
1 Contents
2 Society Officers
3 Editorial. Letter to the Editor Lenard Tiller
3 Obituary – Stephen Hornby Trevor Pateman
4 Obituary – Jan Baillie Eric Peel
5 The Captain’s Log. 2 [River Volga and Tributaries/ River Ob] Raymond Casey
21 Post-1917 rural mail delivery George Werbitzky
25 Troubled years 1918-1921: Review of postal rates for mail abroad Alexander Epstein
42 The undelivered mail report of an Odessa Postman (translated by Alan Garside, BSRP) Meer Kossoy (Israel)
45 The China Shop - 2 [Talienwan i/Dalny/ Mukden/ Harbin] Raymond Casey
63 A lucky find [Postcard from Russo-Japanese war] Natalie Krasheninnikov
64 Foreign postal rates in Russia for letters and postcards (1864-1923) Alexander Epstein
67 Reviews: Rossica 140-141/ Yamshchik – The Post Rider 53

Page: Number 90/October 2003 - BJRP Author:
1 Contents
2 Society Officers
3 Editorial
4 Obituary – G. P. Henderson, FRSPL 1920-2003 N J D Ames
6 Postal history of Armenia; Pre-adhesive period. Part 1 Rafael Nagepetiants
[I. Historical background and development of postal operations in the first half of the XIX century
II. The use of the wax seal by the Erivan Post Forwarding Office and The Erivan Post Office.
III. Postal services without handstamps
IV. Single-lined dispatch postmarks.]
20 The China Shop - 1 [Peking/ Harbin/ Fenghuangchen/ Chinese Eastern Railway] Raymond Casey
32 The private cancellations of firms on Russian postage stamps [translated by Peter Walker] Lev Ratner
35 Postmen‘s undelivered mail reports (“Справки“- “Spravkas“) [transl by Alan Garside (BSRP)] Meer Kossoy (Israel)
44 The Captain‘s Log. 1 [River Northern Dvina/ Aegean Sea/ Black Sea/ Egypt/ River Amur] Raymond Casey
57 Georgia: The 1920 “Coverbacks”
[Versuch der Erklärung für die Entfernung der Vorderseiten mit der Adresse]
Peter Ashford
60 Sapozhok Zemstvo: Some information from the Fabergé collection Trevor Pateman
62 Returning to the “Yelets Soviet stamp“ problem Alexander Epstein
64 The Yelets Soviet stamp - Some Remarks Anatoly Kiryushkin
65 Letters to the Editor
67 Reviews: Pochta 34 Lenard Tiller
Filatelisticheskaya Armenika, by S.N. Arakelov Peter Ashford
Lettland: Die Luftpost 1920-1940, by H. von Hofmann Lenard Tiller
Page: Number 89/February 2003 - BJRP Author:
1 Contents
2 Society Officers
3 Editorial Lenard Tiller
4 Talienwan/Dalny - A Manchuria mystery Raymond Casey
24 The “Yelets Soviet stamp” - Zemstvo successor or fiscal?Terry Page &
George G. Werbitzky
29 The Cash on Delivery Mail of Russia [Transl. by Alan Garside] Lev Ratner
39 A letter to Mount Athos [1901] Natalie Krasheninnikov
41 “To pay” marks of the Traveling Post Offices [Transl Alan Garside] Meer Kossoy
48 Russian sedentary field post/telegraph cancellations of Kwangchentze (Changchun), Manchuria Raymond Casey
51 Some observations concerning the multiple handstamps used for trident overprints in Poltava Stephen Hornby
54 Volost’ registration label George G. Werbitzky
55 Odessa-Ungeni railway - Addendum Leonard Tann
56 Letters to the editor
63 Reviews: Catalogue of Propaganda-Advertising postal cards of the
USSR 1927-1934, by Shalimoff & Shaw George Henderson
Postmarks of the Russian Empire – Pre-Adhesive Period, by Dobin Lenard Tiller
Rossica, 138 & 139/ The Finnish Philatelist 23, 24, 25/ The Baltic Area 40/ Lenard Tiller
German Journal for Russian Philately, 76, 77 Dennis Page
Pochta 32 Lenard Tiller
Philatelia Baltica 113, 114/ The Ukraine Philatelist, 61, 62/ Eastern Europe Philately, 2002 Dennis Page

Page: Number 88/July 2002 - BJRP Author:
1 Contents
2 Society Officers
3 Editorial Lenard Tiller
4 Outstanding Cover [The postal charges on a 1764 entire from Reval] Ian L. G. Baillie
5 The registered mail of Russia (1872-1917): Part 3 [Period 1900-1917]
[Translated by Vasilii Zakharov –BSRP]
Lev Ratner
(St. Petersburg)
20 Ukraine: The currency stamps [The Shagiv stamps & The Odessa Currency stamps] Ian L. G. Baillie
23 A new interpretation of the ‘Irbit zemskaya pochta’ cancellation Robin L. Joseph
26 The Odessa Vokzals: The cancellations and registration labels Ian L. G. Baillie
30 ‘Stampless’ Zemstvo Covers: Part 1 Terry Page
32 The philatelic department of the A. S. Popov Museum and some of its gems [3 colour pages]Larissa P. Rylkova
(St. Petersburg)
38 Outstanding covers [1 colour page] [Brief mit kompletter Serie von 1 Kop bis 7 Rubel von 1883/84] [Cover Odessa-Nice 1871 (transit Austria) unsufficiently franked]Edward Kossoy
Tony Speeckaert
40 Re-direction and forwarding - Spravkas Noel Warr
46 The Gdov issue [1919, beschrieben und illustriert im Eesti-Handbuch von Ojaste & Hurt] Stephen Hornby
54 A cover from Kyzl-Mazhalyk to Kyzl, Tuva Gwyn Williams
55 Notes on the Odessa-Ungeni railway circa 1910-1914. Leonard Tann
62 Used Abroad Chronicle (XXI) Bill Stoten (cd.)
63 Letter to the editor: [Russian language cancel Wilna in1918?] Stephen Honrby
64 Russian - bogus, unauthorised, not valid for postal use, labels [Übersicht über Schwindelmarken nach Angaben der UPU, geordnet nach Motiven] Marcus Sherwood-Jenkins
The Baltic Area 39, Dec 2001/ German Journal for Russian Philately 75, Nov 2001/ Philatelia Baltica 112, Nov 2001/ The Ukraine Philatelist (German) 59, 60/
Eastern Europe Philately 1/19, 2/19, 3/19,4/19 (2001) The Finnish Philatelist Vol 7 No 1, Feb 2002/ Pochta Australia & New Zealand 31 (Jan 2002)/Journal of Classical Russian Philately 7 St. Petersbug:
The Imperial Post – its Postmarks and other Postal Markings, by Baillie & Peel
Dennis Page,
Lenard Tiller,
George Henderson

Page: Number 87/December 2001 - BJRP Author:
1 Contents
2 Society officers
3 Editorial Lenard Tiller
4 A message from the President Terry Page
5 The Registered Mail of Russia (1872-1917) : Part 2 [1872-1899 Period]
[Translated by Vasilii Zakharov –BSRP]
Lev Ratner
(St. Petersburg)
20 Posted in Tuva: two covers from 1932 and 1944. Gwynn Williams
24 The Belgian Armoured Car Battalion in Russia. Marcus & Yelena
30 A Latvian puzzle from 1920 Robin Joseph
32 Receipts – addendum [Rospiska] Noel Warr
38 Is this cover genuine in all respects? [Armenian archive material from period 1918-1928/ Winner of Stibbe Rose Bowl 2001]Trevor Pateman
43 Used Zemstvo Postal Stationery: Ustsysolsk, Rzhev and Kadnikov Terry Page
45 Domestic postal rates of Russia for letters and postcards (1844-1923) Alexander Epstein (Tallinn)
48 The riddle of February 1922 domestic postal rates Alexander Epstein (Tallinn)
53 Five nice items Leonard Tann
55 Used Abroad Chronicle (XX)Lenard Tiller (Ed)
59 The A.S. Popov Central Museum of Communications St. Petersburg, Russia and its collections
[Transl. by Yelena Sherwood-Jenkins]
N. Bakayutova
62 The history of the A. A. Bezborodko palace (Postal Museum) in St. Petersburg
[Transl. by Yelena Sherwood-Jenkins]
N. Bakayutova
64 Letters to the Editor
66 Reviews:
Symposium zur Postgeschichte Lettlands, Riga August 2001
The Russian Cicil War (Documents from Soviet Archives)
Eeesti Philatelist 38, 2001 George Henderson
Philatelia Baltica 111, May 2001/ Ukraine Philatelist (German) 58, 2001 Dennis Page
Post Rider 48, June 2001 Terry Page
Rossija (Specialist Catalogue of Postage Stamps 1992-2000)Lenard Tiller
Rossica 136, April 2001 Jack Moyes
The Finnish Philatelist Vol 6 No 4 & No 5, 2001 Lenard Tiller
72 St. Petersburg - The Imperial Post [Advertisement]

Page: Number 86/Spring 2001 - BJRP Author:
1 Contents
2 Society officers
3 Editorial Lenard Tiller
4 The Registered Mail of Russia (1872-1917): Part 1 [Period before 1872]
[Translated by Vasilii Zakharov –BSRP]
Lev Ratner
(St. Petersburg)
18 Used Zemstvo Postal Stationery: Tula, Totma, Kherson and Soroki Terry Page
21 The first postmark of Moscow [26th August 1765] Manfred Dobin
(St. Petersburg)
22 An interesting letter sent in October 1918 from a German Field Post Office in SevastopolR. L. Joseph
24 8,000 Roubles [Problems of postal rate periods 15.0822- to 30.09.22] Eric Peel
34 The Bogorodsk Zemstvo Post: Regulations [11th October 1893]Terry Page &
Marcus & Yelena
36 Pskov: from the Postal History of troubled yearsAlexander Epstein
(Tallinn, Estonia)
44 The postmarks & railway lines of the Ukraine Province: Vapnyarka-Tsvyetkovo Kazatin-Uman
[Appears also in The Ukraine Philatelist]
Leonard Tann
49 Used Abroad Chronicle (XIX) Bill Stoten (Ed)
53 Insured cover - Kiev to Odessa [22 February 1916, 15 R 80k]Tony Speeckaert
54 Outstanding cover [Linen bag with declared value 342 550 R 21 January 1915 from Orel to Riga, charges: 596 r 50k] Tony Speeckaert
56 Western Army overprints of November 1919 [Mi 12-22]Stephen Hornby
64 Postal fraud and the Russian Zemstvo PostEdward Klempka
67 Letters to the Editor Lenard Tiller
69 Reviews:
The Provisional Postage Stamps of Ukraine 1992-1995, by Lobko Terry Page
Rossica 135, Oct 2000 Jack Moyes
Pochta 29, Jan 2001 /The Post Rider 47, Nov 2000 Bill Stoten
The Baltic Area 37, Dec 2000/German Journal Russian Philately 73 Dennis Page

Page: Number 85/Autumn 2000 - BJRP Author:
1 Contents
2 Society officers
3 Editorial Lenard Tiller
4 Lockie and the Lanchesters - the R.N.A.S. in Tsarist Russia [Originally as “The Tsar’s British Squadron” in Picture Postcard Annual 1999] Derek Savory
13 The Trans-Siberian Route [Timetable for the Trans-Siberian Route 1934] Lenard Tiller
18 The Chernigov railway branch and nearby branch lines in the Ukraine Province Leonard Tann
23 The ‘Miropol’e Bisects’ and others from the same batch Alexander Epstein
28 A Soviet puzzle: Makachevka, Koktchet(av) Oblast R. L. Joseph
31 U.P.U. statistics for 1879 A. Speeckaert
33 Outstanding cover [Trans-Polar flight commemoration 27.8.35] N J D Ames
34 The first “Dumb” Postmark of Russia Manfred Dobin
35 Insured cover [for 10 000 R]- St. Petersburg to Moscow [28.2.13] Eric Peel
36 Used Zemstvo Postal Stationery: Pskov and Luga Terry Page
38 Telegraph Forms of Russia Meer Kossoy
45 Used Abroad Chronicles (XVIII) Bill Stoten (Ed)
48 Five interesting postcards Leonard Tann
52 Telegrams Noel Warr
58 Letter to the Editor
59 Censorship uncovered Bill Stoten
60 BSRP Millennium Meeting Report Lenard Tiller &
Dennis Page
61 BSRP Meeting at Portishead George Henderson
62 BSRP Millennium Meeting Auction Bill Stoten
63 Library notes and reviews
Rossica 133/Kollektioner 34/35/ Journal of Classical Russian Philately Jack Moyes/Lenard Tiller
3 & 4/German Journal for Russian Philately 71/Pochta 28 Dennis Page/Bill Stoten
RSFSR Specialist Catalogue of Postage Stamps 1918-1923/ & 1992-96 Lenard Tiller

Page: Number 84/May 2000 - BJRP Author:
1 Contents
2 Society officers
3 Editorial Lenard Tiller
4 Censorship of Postal Correspondence in Russia [Imperial period] Meer Kossoy
12 Shipmail: St. Petersburg - Le Havre [starting 1839/40] A. Speeckaert
14 St. Petersburg Police Revenues [Forbin 1860/1875/1883/1900/1914] Jack Moyes
19 Receipts [for registered letters] N. C. Warr
35 Tuva: A cover from the 1927 second issue Gwynn Williams
37 Postal Service in the Baltic under Soviet Administrations, 1918-1920 A. Epstein
47 Kislovodsk - a second cover [Registration with registration machine] Harry v. Hofmann
48 Nagomo-Karabakh: a fait accompli? [Republic of Mountainous Karabakh 1993- ] Ivo Steijn
56 Used Abroad Chronicles XVII Bill Stoten (Ed.)
58 Letters to the editor
Soviet foreign postal rates, 1922 Alexander Epstein
Imperial bisects Alexander Epstein
60 Library notes and reviews
Lettland-Handbuch-Stempel u Postanstalten 1918-1940, by HvH/
The monetary history of the Baltic States.., by Marcilger, Victor/
Alandia-Aaland Islands postal cancellations and postal history,
by Mattsén, Bjorn and Hirvikoski, Kaarlo George Henderson
Rossica 133/Post Rider 45/The Baltic Area 34 Jack Moyes, Terry Page
German Journal for Russian Philately 71 Dennis Page
CCCP Specialist Catalogue of Postage Stamps 1923-1940/ Stanley
Gibbons Part 10 – Russia 5th edition Lenard Tiller
65 Auction notes [Fabergé at Corinphila/ BSRP Auction Nov 1999] Terry Page & Bill Stoten
67 George Scott Miskin [Obituary] Ian L. G. Baillie

Page: Number 83/August 1999 - BJRP Author:
3 Editorial (Editorial Board: Lenard Tiller (Chairman), Bill Stoten, Terry Page, Dennis Page, Jack Moyes. 1999) Lenard Tiller
4 St Petersburg City Police Revenues [1860, 1865, 1883, 1915] Jack Moyes
12 Russian Ship Mail - the early 19th Century M. Dobin
18 Foreign Postage Rates, the two changes from 1-4-1922 to 30-6-1922 J. L. Whiteside
22 Imperial Bisects - Finds from Faberge and a coincidence at Croydon [1915-1918] M. A. Sherwood-Jenkins
24 List of Post Offices in the Russian Empire [CD-Rom Robinson/Kiryshkin]
25 The postmarks of Russian Turkestan Bill Stoten
27 Comments on the Postal System in modern Russia Marcus & Yelena
30 Steppe Railways - Addendum [Saratov 287 Astrakhan] Leonard Tann
31 The Zemstvo Post of Bogorodsk District: Part II Terry Page
39 A New ‘Europa’ issuing country [Ukraine] Ingert Kuzych
41 North lnkeri - North Ingermanland edited by Roger B. Quinby, translated by Carita Parker. Originally in The Finnish philatelist] Harry Walli
54 Letters to the editor
56 A visit to Hamburg [1998 Harburg meeting]Terry Page
57 Auction Notes [Harmers of London : Zemstwo of Homersham]Terry Page
59 Library notes and reviewsGeorge Henderson
60 Used Abroad Chronicles [Announcement of new series]Bill Stoten
61 Reviews
Pochta 25/Rossica 131-2/Post Rider 43 & 44/ Journal of ClassicalLenard Tiller,
Jack Moyes
Russian Philately 2/ German Journal for Russian Philately 70/Terry Page,
Dennis Page
The Baltic Area 33/ Kollektioner 33/
Rossica Catalogue of the RSFSR 1918-1923, by Ged SeiflowRaymond Ceresa
68 Obituary [W. J. de Jongh] I.J.S(teyn)

Index "The Post Rider"

The Post Rider
The Magazine of the Canadian Society of Russian Philately
Andrew Cronin, Editor
P.O.Box 5722, Station "A"
Toronto, Ontario, M5W 1P2
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Page: No. 60/September 2007 - The Post Rider Author:
2 Editorial: Pricing trends in our areas of collecting
2 Special Notes, also at 6, 12, 35, 48, 49, 50, 74, 77, 78, 111
3 An ethnographic viewcard sent from Chita in 1906 to Amherstberg, Ont., Canada Andrew Cronin
4 Zemstvo Varieties: Twentieth Instalment G.G. Werbizky
6 Current Mongolian postal rates Dr. D.J. Voaden
6 A rare Imperial perforation variety with a Khar’kov Trident overprint Special Note
7 Soviet censorship on international correspondence in the 2nd half of the Great Patriotic War Per-Christian Wallén
12 Some Notes on the A.N. Dobrolyubov stamp of August 1936 Andrew Cronin
12 A praise of Dimitrii Ivanovich Mendeleev Special Note
15 New facts about the “numerals“ & “dots“ postmarks of the Russian Empire Dr. A.M. Sarkisian
26 The April/May 1921 issues of the Republic of Armenia; corrected errors of 4th & 5th issues Chassepot Pictorials Armenian Republic 1st & 2nd Essayan sets of the Armenian SSRDr. A.M. Sarkisian
32 Report on “SAINT-PETERSBURG 2007“ Andrew Cronin
34 Review of Literature
[Information Bulletin No 20 of St. Petersburg Philatelic Society,
Vorwärts zum Sieg! Illustrierte sowjetische Feldpost WWII,
The Collector Manual Nos 42-43,
Postal Stationery Almanac No 4,
Field Post in Russia 1914-1918]
35 An early Soviet imperforate variety [8 kopek of 10th anniversary of red Army 1928] Special Note
36 Use of Russian postal stationery of old design after 1918 Alexander Epstein
47 One more item of mail from Bessarabia in 1918 Alexander Epstein
48 The Anichkov Bridge in St. Petersburg Special Note
49 Meter postmarks of the Navy of the USSR V.Berdichevskiy
49 It pays to advertise! Special Note
50 Reply half of a card inscribed in Czech, French & Russian [Czech POW card from 1917]Special Note
51 About the Charity Postage Stamps of the Imperial Women‘s Patriotic Society L.G. Ratner
54 Obituary: Dr. Ronald Zelonka
55 Romanov-Zemstvo Combination Covers John D. Myke
57 The issues of stamps of the Russian Empire with a
chalky network 1908-1914 D.Gotvan, D. Anosov,
A. Ignatenko
74 The Tiflis City Post stamp in recent literature
[German monthly magazine “philatelie”] Special Note
77 Special Note: Possible forgeries of Russian Issues [10th Anniversary of Soviet Airmail Service 1923-33, issued 1934]
78 Registered letter No. 7 from Pskov to Haiphong: unusual destination. [dated 2.1.1897] Special Note
85 A Customs Procedure in the Estonian SSR Henry Blum
86 Postal and Money Order Markings of the Tuvan ASSR Andrew Cronin
90 Two more examples of Registration on Travelling Post Offices Rabbi L.L. Tann
91 The Trans-Siberian Mail Service. Official excerpt unearthed by Henry Blum
92 Non-standard oval markings of Postal Wagons with two numbers of the routes 20th CenturyDr.V.G.Levandovskiy
99 The Battle of Stalingrad: philately and postal history Salvador Bofarull
111 A Sudetenlander on the Eastern Front [1941] Special Note
111 Czech POW cards issued in Chicago during WWI Special Note
112 Postage Stamps of the Zemstvos-Zolotonosha Alex Artuchov
120 Pre-Publication Sale The Zemstvo Postage Stamps of Imperial Russia, Vol 6Alex Artuchov

Page: No. 59/December 2006 - The Post Rider Author:
2 Editorial: Suspended Animation
2 Special Notes; also at 4, 49, 85, 94, 120
3 Correspondence with Canada: Philatelic Exchanges Russia-Canada Dr. V.B. Levandovskiy
3 Correction
4 USSR: The everlasting union Anonymous
4 Postal History of the Soviet Occupation of Poland 1939-1941
[Polish philatelic literature for the English-speaking]
Special Note
5 Zemstvo Varieties: Twentieth Instalment G.G. Werbizky
6 The Trans-Siberian Route Advised by Henry Blum
11 Finland to China refused by Moscow Alan Warren
12 The Japanese and other interventions in Siberia - conclusion Edward Klempka
15 The issue and usage in Russia in 1918 of Currency Exchange Tokens in the form of Jubilee stamps L.G. Ratner
21 The Posthorn Cancels of Imperial Russia Michael M. Ercolini
32 The Soviet Military Censorship in Romania Volodymyr Babych
34 The Mail of the Personnel of the Soviet Navy (1941-1945) - conclusion Meer Kossoy & V. Berdichevskiy
45 Azerbaijani Notes Robert Taylor
49 Soviet Mail to “Amtorg” in New York City [1939] Special Note
50 The Postal & Telegraphic Sendings of the Trans-Caspian Military Railway and the story of its construction Dr. V.G. Levandovskiy
72 The May 1923 Fifth Issue of the Armenian SSR Dr.A.M. Sargsyan/Sarkisian
78 The issue and usage of Telegraph Forms and Stamps of the St. Petersburg City Public Telegraph System L.G. Ratner
85 An “Improved” First Polish Corps Postcard Special Note
86 Evident markings of the Labour Camp Censorship on mail from and to prisoners Jänis Ozolins
94 The Zemstvo Post of the Poltava District [Sales offer] Special Note
95 Latvian philatelic literature announcements
96 Three Outstanding Romanov Items Rabbi L.L. Tann
96 Registered on Travelling Post Offices Rabbi L.L. Tann
98 A Postal Card from Stalineshty in the province of Bessarabia Gary A. Combs
98 A typical philatelic Tuvan cover Alan Leighton
99 Two postal stationery envelopes from Tuva Richard E. Clever
100 Two Tuvan items O.P. Sel‘nikov
101 Marketing Tuvan pictorials Andrew Cronin
103 U.S. Diplomatic Pouch Mail from the Russian and Soviet Areas Andrew Cronin
108 New Facts about the “Dots & Numerals“ postmarks of the Russian Empire - in Russian Dr. A.M. Sarkisian
120 Kolchak was a Polar explorer Anonymous
120 The Italians in Russia [WWII: overprinted Italian stamp “C.S.I.R.” Corpo Spedizionaro in Russia] Special Note
From the Stamp News 1895: Death of Grand Duke Michael Nicolaiewitch in San Remo Special Note

Page: No. 58/June 2006 - The Post Rider Author:
2 Editorial: A restatement of CSRP Aims
2 The “Limonka” (15-kop. Peasant) in used block of four - What kind of a stamp is this? Special note G.G.Werbizky
2 Special Notes, also at 10, 12. 24, 26, 62,93, 100, 103
3 Correspondence with Canada:
A censored registered letter Moscow-Montreal early in WWII. [4.9.40]
Dr. V.G.Levandovskiy
4 Zemstvo Varieties: Eigthteenth instalment G.G. Werbizky
5 A Georgian postmark of Greek interest A. Cronin
6 About the dates of issue and printings of the first Soviet postage stamps (original Russian text) L.G. Ratner
10 Russian websites & E-Mail addresses of interest Special note
11 Some Comments to Philatelic Shorts [Post-Rider No. 56: Michael Ercolini, Russian Control markings, Andrew Cronin, Field post cards to Kuokkala. Post-Rider No. 57: Raymond Pietruszka, Volga Famine Relief Cover (p.109, Fig 5.) A. Epstein
12 A legal advice from Estonia (from 1948 in Estonian) Special note
13 Russian foreign letters before 1844: The Accountancy with Prussia and the Netherlands E. Berger
25 News about: The mysterious 1-gGr. Postage Prussian Parcel-Post at Netherlands Grounds E. Berger
26 “Kazpost” at “Washington 2006”. Special note
27 The issue & usage in Russia in 1915-1919 of Currency Exchange Tokens in the form of Jubilee Stamps [Russian original] L.G. Ratner
35 Khar‘kov Local Postal Vans Rabbi L.L. Tann
36 The December 1922, Fourth Issue of the Armenian SSR Dr.A.M. Sargsyan/Sarkisian
40 Items of Philatelic Interest culled from early Tuvan Primers Man Leighton
44 The return of mail in the USSR in wartime 1941-1945 Meer Kossoy
62 A postcard-receipt from the “Canadian Aid to Russia Fund”. Special note
63 The Mail of the Personnel of the Soviet Navy (194 1945), continuedMeer Kossoy &
V. Berdichevskiy
85 The Enquiry and Information Postal Service [English text, Russian text in Post-Rider Nr. 57] Professor A.S. Ilyushin
93 Z. Mikulski Russian Collection Sale Special note
100 A philatelic request sent to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow Special note
101 Some additional notes on Tuva O.P. Sel‘nikov
103 The Zemstvo Post of the Poltava District [book offer, by Ganko] Special note
104 Soviet Circular Censorship Markings A. Cronin
106 Report on “Washington 2006“ A. Cronin
109 Mail from European Russia to the Far East Francis Au
109 Review of Literature
111 Two Items of Zemstvo and Canadian Interest Edward Klempka
112 The Japanese and other Interventions in Siberia Edward Klempka

Page: No. 57/November 2005 - The Post Rider Author:
2 Editorial: Soviet Evacuation Mail
2 Special Notes, also at 4, 5, 10, 11, 75 & 107
2 The Portsmouth Peace Treaty Anniversary Committee is celebrating Special note
3 Correspondence with Canada: A registered letter from Moscow 28.1.08 O.S. to West Berlin, Canada Andrew Cronin
4 Some comments on a Lithuanian packet card Harry von Hofmann, RDP
4 Looking for the “Limonka” [15k Peasant 14 ½ x 15 yellow] Special note
5 Zemstvo Varieties: Seventeenth Instalment [Perevaslavl’, Perm] G.G. Werbizky
5 Demonetise or use postally Special Note
6 Postal Rates in Kolchak‘s Siberia [Archival info: Rates of 26 April 1919, of 11 October 1919] Dr. Ivo Steijn
10 A 300-year calendar Special Note
11 Mail between Greece and Russia Special Note
13 The Germans in Murmansk Henry Blum
14 The ROPiT Postal Service in the Middle East: The Initial Period 1857-1874 (English text) L.G. Ratner
39 About the assignment of unnumbered “Dots” cancellers to postal stations L.G. Ratner
40 The Mail of the Pinsk Naval Flotilla in 1941 V.Yu. Malov
41 Two Unusual Card Usages Rabbi L.L. Tann
42 The Mail of the Personnel of the Soviet Navy (1941-1945) [contin.] Meer Kossoy &
Vladimir Berdichevskiy
72 About the dates of issue and printings of the first Soviet postage stamps L.G. Ratner
75 A viewcard from Libava (Liepaja in Latvia) [10 June 1905] with 1 cent U.S. Postage due Special Note
76 The Enquiry and Information Postal Service (Russian. Translation will follow in next Post-Rider)Professor A.S. Ilyushin
& V.A. Pantyukhin
99 About the Markings of the Aircraft Carriers & Aviation Units of the Russian Imperial Navy during WWI Vladimir Berdichevskiy
104 The December 1922 Fourth Issue of the Armenian SSR Dr.A.M. Sargsyan /Sarkisian
107 Conclusions reached from describing the Zemstvo postage stamps of the Yassy District in the Province of Bessarabia on the basis of the philatelic catalogues at the end of the 19th Century Vladimir Babich
107 A 60-kopek design for an unissued Soviet stamp Special Note
108 Stamps of Tuva have appeared with forged postmarks V.N. Ustinovskii
108 Further comments on the 1921 Volga Famine Issue R.J. Pietruszka,
Col. A. Prado &
A. Sadovnikov
111 Japanese-Controlled P.O.W. Camps in Siberia during the Civil War Edward Klempka
117 Mongolian Registered Mail Dt. Denys J. Voaden
119 Perforation Varieties of the Czechoslovak “T.O. Masaryk“ set printed by Goznak in Moscow Andrew Cronin

Page: No. 56/June 2005 - The Post Rider Author:
2Editiorial: History is repeating itself
2Special Note; also at 3, 8, 48, 67, 69, 101, 106 & 118-120
3Correspondence with Canada: A registered airmail express letter to Winnipeg Natalie Krasheninnikoff
3George Balanchine – choreographer(1896-1983) [US-stamp] Special note
4Zemstvo varieties: Sixteenth Instalment G. G. Werbizky
5Genuine mail and postal fraud in the Gadyach‘ Zemstvo Edward Klempka
9Postal Fraud in the Osa Zemstvo Edward Klempka
10The ROPiT Postal Service in the Middle East Initial Period 1857-1874 (Russian text)L. Ratner
40The tale of two stamps, the Windward and the Polar Bear,
from expeditions to Franz-Josef Land at the turn of the century
G. Adolph Ackerman
& Hal Vogel
48Land of Irkutsk [Russian magazine, #25 on Russo-Japanese War]
49The Postal and Customs Services in the USSRMeer Kossoy
54The Mail of the Personnel of the Soviet Navy (1941-1945)Meer Kossoy &
Vladimir Berdichevskiy
67The “hryvni” ovpt. On 10K Feldpost, 4th Stanislav issue Special note
Germanica: Postmark of New Bavaria/Neues Bayern A label featuring Ataman Grigorii Mikhailovich Semenov, Advised by G.G. Werbizky Special note
68Soviet Improvisation in 1940, 1941 and 1944Dr. Ivo Steijn
69The rarest pre-stamp marking of Carpatho-Ukraine Special note
70Pre-Brest-Litovsk Treaty MailAlexander Epstein
72An Item from Bessarabia in the Period of TroublesAlexander Epstein
73Postmarks of the Suburban Trains of St. Petersburg with the designation of their times of dispatch 1876-1900;
Revision of Fig. 15 in the “P-R“ No 55, pp. 106-107
Dr. V.G. Levandovskiy
74Convoys to the Soviet Arctic in die Second World WarSalvador Bofarull
78The Third Famine Relief Issue in May 1922 of the Armenian SSRDr. A. M. Sargsyan
82A comprehensive Tabulation of Missing Perforations on Tuvan StampsO. P. Sel’nikov
85Matters Mongolian (III)V. N. Ustinovskii,
Richard Clever,
Norman J.D. Ames
& A. Cronin
87“Multiwagon“ Postal SendingsDr. V. G. Levandovskiy
94The Gor‘kii Automobile FactoryAndrew Cronin
96Here come some more RailwaysRabbi L. L. Tann
97The Volga Famine Issue of 1921Alex Sadovnikov
101Canadian Expeditionary Force in Manchuria & Siberia April 1919 Two sensational Civil War covers from Harbin to VladivostokSpecial note
102Usages of the Volga Famine Issue of 1921Andrew Cronin
102Obituaries: V.S. Rozov and L. Ya. Mel‘nikov,
104Some Features of the Mail Service in Blockaded Leningrad 1941-1944Meer Kossoy
106An airgraph from Soviet Ambassador I.M. MaiskiiSpecial note
107Private Commercial Blank Forms with a Preliminary Postal MarkingProfessor A.S. Ilyushin
& Dr. A. Ryss
112A Review of Volga-German Postal HistoryDr. Ivo Steijn,
Robert Taylor &
Vitali Yu. Malov
116Philatelic Shorts
Russian “Control” markings & A Postcard varietyMichael Ercolini
A translation of a Latvian text in the old spellingHerbert Dreimanis,
Michigan, USA
Field Post cards to Kuokkala, Finland towards the end of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905Andrew Cronin
A letter to blockaded Leningrad in 1943Andrew Cronin
118Special Notes:
Another postal stationery envelope of Friedrich BreitfussAndrew Cronin
The Soviet Downfall of S. TrivasAndrew Cronin
The aftermath of the Shakhty TrialAndrew Cronin
The Austro-Hungarian Army in the Carpatho-Ukraine during WWIAndrew Cronin
Russian 3-k. card overprinted “FIELD POST CARD/ Austro-Hungarian-Russian War”, Ungvar/Uzhhorod 2.3.15 to ViennaAndrew Cronin
Levant Paquebot Mail of Russian InterestAndrew Cronin
Early Soviet Airmail to GermanyAndrew Cronin
Lithuanian nationalism under German occupation in WWIAndrew Cronin

Page: No. 55/November 2004 - The Post Rider Author:
2 Editorial: Nothing succeeds like success
2 An imperforated “B“ label, black on blue paper N J D. Ames
3 Correspondence with Canada: A postcard from Podoliya/Podillya province Andrew Cronin
3 Special Note; also at 54 & 120
3 New Russian Web Site Special Note
4 Zemstvo varieties: Fifteenth Instalment G. G. Werbizky
5 Some letters from Russia to Denmark [from 1798, 1839, 1862/67, 1872 und 1875] Natalie Krasheninnikoff
10 Russian Bar Code registration labels Natalie Krasheninnikoff
15 More about Port Arthur Colonel Asdrubal Prado
16 Postmarks of the Tuvan ASSR Alan Leighton
24 The Development of Commercial Air Service to/from Leningrad and vicinity in the 1930s Dr. G. Adolph Ackerman
32 Official PS Formula Cards centrally or locally issued Alexander Epstein
42 Russian Imperial Air Unit Free Franks of World War 1: Additional examples Alexander Epstein
44 The German “Mit Luftpost befördert“ cachets applied on airmail from the USSR 1922-1941R. Taylor,
Dr. G.A. Ackerman,
Dr Ivo Steijn
& A. Cronin
54 The Turkish Army in Batum [Turkish marking] Special Note
55 New Data about the postage stamps of Russia L.G Ratner
65 Postage Stamps of the Zemstvos [Urzhum]) Alex Artuchov
69 Siberian View Cards sent to Finland during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 Andrew Cronin
71 The Posts of the Volga Germans (conclusion) M. Kosoy &
Vl. Berdichevskiy
88 Two further railway station postmarks Rabbi L.L. Tann
89 Towards the Anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gregory Epshtein
94 Enquiry postcards Meer Kosoy,
100Postmarks of the Suburban Trains of St. Petersburg with the designation of their
times of despatch 1876-1900
Dr. V.G. Levandovskiy
110 The Posts in Mongolia OP. Sel‘nikov
115 Sharashkiniana (Mail from the “sharashkas“) Andrew Cronin
120 Special Warning about Zemstvo-to-Zemstvo covers
120 A patriotic WWI Label from Kharbin Special Note

Page: No. 54/June 2004 - The Post Rider Author:
2 Editorial: Postal historians and conventional historians
2 Special Note: also at 3, 22, 43, 49, 91, 103, 111 & 119
3 Correspondence with Canada: A surface cover from the Ukraine to Winnipeg Rabbi L. L. Tann
3 The market value of the 10-kopek Spartiakada Sc. 564 with tilde “~” variety Special Note
4 Zemstvo Varieties - Fourteenth Instalment [Morshansk, Novaya Ladoga] Werbizky, G. G.
6 Registered & Express Mail sent by postal wagons in the Soviet period after 1917 (II) Levandovsky, V. G.
22 Spizok Kollektioneer NoNo 38-39 Special Note
23 The utilisation of the „?” cachets on Russian postal wagons for registering letters at railway post offices Levandovsky, V. G.
26 Address Boards and the mail in Russia Kossoy, Meer
43 Special offer of back numbers of Post-Rider Special Note
44 Registered and underpaid sendings taken out of letter boxes on postal wagons Kossoy, Meer
46 Careful: forgery! Berdichevskiy, Vladimir
47 The operations against the partisans in Transnistria Grecu, Dan-Simion
49 The derivation of the geographic name “Siberia” [Joke!] Special Note
50 Rubén Ruiz Ibárrui; A Spaniard on a Soviet postal stationery cover Bofarull, Salvador
52 New data about the postage stamps of Russia (Russian text) Ratner, L. G.
65 Some data about the dotted numeral postmarks assigned to the ROPiT agenciesRatner, L. G.
66 Matters Mongolian (II)Clever, Richard
& Cronin, Andrew
67 The Soviet Express Mail and Sendings of ImportanceTaylor, R.
Ackerman, G. A.
Steijn, I.
Banfield, N.
& Cronin, A.
88 Two unusual examples of conversion rates on Express Mail in December 1922 Taylor, Robert
89 The postal links between Romania and Russia 1918-1937 Scaiceanu, Cristian-Andrei
91 More about the Soviet posts in the incorporated Romanian territories 1940-1941 Malov, V. Yu.
91 Imperial Stationery Catalogue 1845-1917 by Ilyushin & ForafontovSpecial Note
92 The incorporation of Bessarabia in the USSR 27-30 June 1940 Cronin, A.
95 The Third (Famine Relief) Issue in May 1922 of the Armenian SSR Sargsyan, A. M.
97 The Posts of the Volga Germans (continuation) Kossoy, Meer &
Berdichevskiy, Vladimir
104 Different Orientations of the “carpet” watermark on Tuvan stampsSalin, Jarl-Gunnar &
Leighton, Alan
108Some remarks and additions to the Tuvan book by V.N. Ustinovskii and
to the article by Alan Leighton in “The Postrider” No. 50
Sel’nikov, O. P.
111 Enroll a new member Special Note
112 A Russian viewcard of Port Arthur sent during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 Prado, Asdrubal
112 Some items of Russian interest Cronin, A.
113 Another registered letter posted on a postal wagonLeonard, Charles
114 Postage Stamps of the Zemstvos [Totma] Artuchov, Alex
119 Two Russian paper seals from the St. Andrew Fraternal Hermitage on Mt. AthosSpecial Note

Page: No. 53/November 2003 - The Post Rider Author:
2 Editorial: The International Reputation of “The Post-Rider”
2 Special Note; also at 3, 5, 32, 66, 68, 92 & 117
3 Correspondence with Canada: A registered letter to Canada, re-directed to the U.S.A. Dr. Andrés Jorge Schlichter
3 Wissenwertes für Russland-Philatelie, Michael Kuhn Special Note
4 Zemstvo Varieties - Thirteenth Instalment [Kusnetzk, Laishev, Nolinsk] Werbizky, G. G.
5 Calling all collectors of Ukrainian postal stationery [Ivakhno] Special Note
7 Russian Imperial Air Unit Free Franks of World War 1 Ackermann, Adolph
26 The Utilisation of Franking Cachets of the Soviet Posts (1924-1940) Ratner, L. G.
32 Latvia. Handbook of Philately and Postal History: Air Mail 1920-1940 Special Note
49 A Philatelic Portrait of Mikhail Vasil‘evich Lomonosov Ephstein, Gregory
53 The Soviet Express Post and Sendings of Importance Taylor, Robert
58 Some Early Soviet Varieties [Mi 192 & 196 I] Sadovnikov, Alex
61 More on the boxed “R Kizil“ handstamp of Tuva and the Cliffe covers Williams, Gwyn
64Some remarks and additions to the Tuvan book by V. N. Ustinovskii and
to the A. Leighton article in No. 50 of “The Post-Rider“
Sel‘nikov, O. P.
66 Notes on the Finnish material published in “The Post-Rider“ No. 52 Leonard, Charles
66 More interesting Russian Web Sites Special Note
68 The “~” (=Spanish tilde) variety on the 10-kopek Spartiakada stamp Scott 564 Special Note
69 The Bukhara “Horse-Post“ stamps in the Aleksandr Mramomov Collection Mramomov, Aleksandr
70 The Post of the Volga Germans Kossoy, Meer &
Berdichevskii, Vladimir
92 An unusual franking for the Zeppelin Flight of 10.X.1930 from Moscow Special Note
92 German Airmail P.O. cachets on airmail from the USSR Special Note
93 Postage Stamps of the Zemstvos [Tikhvin] Artuchov, Alex
98 Registered & express mail sent by postal wagons of Russia in the Soviet Period after 1917 Levandovskii, V. G.
117 Where were these covers registered? (Part II) Tann, L.L.
118 More Railwayana Tann, L.L.
119 The April 1922 Second Issue of the Armenian SSR Sargsyan, Arkadii M.

Page: No. 52/June 2003 - The Post Rider Author:
2 Editorial: Catering to the widest range of readers
2 Special Note, also at 11, 21, 59&62
2 Index of 100 pages to “The Post-Rider”, nos 1-50 Special note
2 New publications in Russian on Thematics, Culture and Postcards Special note
3 Correspondence with Canada; A postcard in colour from TPO/RPO 168 to Montreal Dr. Andres Jorge Schlichter
4 Zemstvo Varieties – Twelfth Installment [Kasimov,Kolomna, Kremenchug, Kungur] G.G. Werbizky
5 Announcement, also at 57 & 79
6 The Relocation of “Sedentary” Post/Telegraph Offices during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905) Dr. Raymond Casey
11 Corrections by A.Epstein to tables of FPOs in Post-Rider#51, p.21 Special note
12 The story of the issue and usage of Address Applications on postcard blanks in St. Petersburg L.G. Ratner
21 Further interesting Russian Web Sites Special note
22 The Russian Post in Galicia and Bukovina during WWI Jorgen Jensen
22 Obituary АНДРЕИ АЛЕКСАНДРОВИЧ БОРОДЕНКО (“Henry” Borodenko) Alex Artuchov
25 Registered Mail sent via Postal Wagons of the Russian Railways in the period from the 1870s to 1917 Dr. V.G. Levandovskiy
44 Where were these covers registered? Rabbi L.L. Tann
46 Early Russian Aviation, Aero Clubs and Exhibitions G. Adolph Ackerman
and August Blume
58 Classifying the ‘Дйствующий Флоть” type of cachets applied during WWI (Russian text) Vladimir Berdichevskiy
59 “United States World War II Airmail Rates to Russia” Special note
62/68 English text for the above article. Sequence of pages: 68-70, then 62-68.
62 Russland Philatelie/Russian Philately by Michael Kuhn Special note
71 ROPiT Parcel, Insurance and Registration Receipts Andrew Cronin
75 Dmitrii Ivanovich Mendeleev in Philately Gregory Epshtein
80 Postage Stamps of the Zemstvos [Tikhvin] Alex Artuchov
86 Some Ukrainian and Soviet stamp varieties [Mi 326/27, Ukrainische SSR Mi 68] Alex Sadovnikov
87 A cover from Kyzyl with the handstamped address of Jak Baicher Gwyn Williams
88 A look at Tuvan landscapes Andrew Cronin
89 Tuvan registration cachets for domestic and international mailings Alan Leighton
91 More "Доплатитъ” Markings Rabbi L.L. Tam
92 An Underpaid Postcard from Colombia to Russia James A. Cross
93 The April 1922 Second Issue of the Armenian SSR Dr. Arkadii M. Sargsyan
97 Some “Well-Travelled Soviet Era Mail Jefiey Klein
101 The “ИЗЪФИНЛЯНДИЙ” Paquebot marking Meer Kossoy
104 The application of “Ship Committee’’cachets in sending mail from the Navy rank-and-file Vladimir Berdichevskiy
107 International Reply Coupons V.M. Rozhdestvenskaya
109 Why and in what way was the stamp affixed to the letter? Meer Kossoy
110 Post-WWII Machine Postmarks of Tallinn Professor A.S. Ilyushin
111 Philatelic Shorts:
A damaged Canadian letter sent to Finland in 1911 Charles J.G. Verge, Ontario
The Rostov/Don Famine Labels on Cover Robert Taylor
The Postmark of a Branch Office Meer Kossoy, Israel
Further additions to the local issues of Formula Postcards Rein Vasara, British Columbia
Addition to the Moscow-USA flight which crashed on 28 April 1939 Norman Banfield
An unsual Mongolian franking V.N. Ustinovskii, Moscow
Possible Odessa “Paqueboat” usage & Russian FPO No. 159 at Trebizond Robert W. Stuchell,
Penna, USA
A card written in Harbin
A mysterious “B” handstamp on registered official mail Jeffrey J. Klein, Mass.,USA
Internal airmail sendings in 1948 Prof A.S. Ilyushin
A Japanese instructional mark for Trans-Siberian mail Andrew Cronin
Another setting of Form no. 105 for Return Receipts Andrew Cronin
An English postcard to Moscow and charged at the letter rate Andrew Cronin
A Polish Anti-Bolshevik label during WWII Andrew Cronin
A Soviet registered letter sent to a Lithuanian Displaced Person Andrew Cronin
116 The Journal Fund

Page: No. 51/November 2002 - The Post Rider Author:
2 Editorial: Paper is permanent
2 Special Note; also on pp. 7, 13, 55, 67, 69, 106, 113 & 120
2 Excursion to the L. N. Tolstoi Estate at Yasnaya Polyana Special Note
3 Correspondence with Canada [R-letter from Western Ukraine to Winnipeg, 16.12.46]
4 Zemstvo Varieties: Eleventh Installment [Irbit] G.G. Werbizky
7 Our Siver Jubilee [Gratulation from Union of Russian Philatelists] Special Note
8 Activities of Field Posts & Telegraphs during the Great Manoeuvres:
English translation from the text sent by.:
A. Epstein
13 Unpaid Mail from an Australian Colony to the Russian Empire Trevor Davis
13 Silver Jubilee greetings from Australia & New Zealand Society Special Note
14 The Russian Posts in Galicia and Bukovina during WWI (First Period Aug. 1914 to July 1915) A. Epstein
37 Letters of the Railway Post from the Theatre of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-187S Dr. V.G. Levandovskiy
48 Further Notes on the Postal History of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 Andrew Cronin
53 The Charity Stamps of the Ukrainian SSR (Russian text kindly supplied by A. Epstein) F.G. Chuchin
55 Silver Jubilee greetings from Polish Journal in Lodz Special Note
56 From the history of issue and utilisation of address forms on blank postcards in St. Petersburg (Russian text) L.G. Ratner
67 Useful and interesting Russian Web Sites Special Note
68 More Railway Items, including Short-Paid Examples Rabbi L.L. Tann
69 Postcard illustration wanted! [Tuvan landscape on Gibbons # 65] Special Note
70 More Data on the 5-kop. City Post Stamp & Further “Breitfussiana”:P-A. Erixon,
H. von Hoffnann,
D.A. Jay & A. Cronin
73 Merchandising the 1931 North Pole Set Henry B1um
74 The April 1922 Second Issue of the Armenian SSR Dr. Arkadii M. Sargsyan
77 Russia and the Nobel Prizes Gregory Epshtein
84 Postage Stamps of the Zemstvos [Contin. & end of Starobelsk] Alex Artuchov
90 A tabulation of the Cliffe covers sent registered with Tuvan postage Alan Leighton
92 Tuvan Same Day Registered Mailings Alan Leighton & A. Cronin
92 Announcements
93 Mixed Status Markings of Tuva A. Cronin
96 Mail from the Nomonhan (Khalkhin Gel) Incident and from a Japanese WWII POW Dr. Hal Vogel
98 A Postmark of an Agricultural College . Meer Kossoy
99 Official Cachets and Notes of the Type “Received in Damaged Condition” Meer Kossoy
106 New! Catalogue of Propaganda-Advertising Cards USSR 1927-1934 Special Note
107 Some Interesting Markings of the Imperial Period Professor A.S. Ilyushin
109 Postage Due Stamps of 1924-1925 and their postal use Robert Taylor
113 The “Romanian Postal History Bulletin” [Web] Site Special Note
114 Philatelic Shorts:
Usages of the first 20-kop. stamp of Russia with “2” watermark Arno Karnapke
Is this piece from a Breitfuss cover? Natalie Krasheninikoff
Another discovery in the “Great Dot and Numeral Hunt” Natalie Krasheninikoff
Another strike from the Bogoslovskaya Religious Teacher’s College David A. Jay
Free frank mail from Siberian gold diggings in 1879 David A. Jay
A censored registered letter from the Groznyi Petroleum Works Post office David A. Jay
A Hungarian view card sent as printed matter Michael Ercolini
Another registered postcard from the Moscow-U.S.A. flight in 1939 Aleksandr Ivakhno
Another early Siberian Letter of 1876 Andrew Cronin
An outstanding French Arctic Expedition cover Andrew Cronin
An unsual enquiry label from Pinsk Andrew Cronin
A Siberian Esperantist writes during the Civil War Andrew Cronin
Some signatures of Czechoslovak athletes Andrew Cronin
120 The Journal Fund
120 Standard Collection St. Petersburg: 1) Postmarks: The Russian Empire; Pre-Adhesive period/ 2) Postal Rarities Special Note
120 Updated CD Journal Version with Pochta Issues nos 1 to 32 Special Note
120 The 20th Anniversary of the Swedish Club of Collectors of Russian Stamps Special Note

Page: No. 50/June 2002 - The Post Rider Author:
Contents of our Silver Jubilee Issue:
2 Editorial: The Canadian Contribution to Russian Philately
3 Correspondence with Canada
3 The Journal Fund
4 The activities of the Field Posts & Telegraphs during the Great Manoeuvres.
Russian text furnished by: Alexander Epstein
9 Zemstvo Varieties: Tenth Installment [Zolotonosha,Zmeinogorsk] G.G. Werbizky
10 Special Note, also on pp. 40 and 110.
10 The Central Railway Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia Special Note
11 About the “Povenets” covers Vladimir Berdichevskiy
16 Mail of the Rank-and-File of the Soviet Navy (1918-1941)M. Kossoy &
V. Berdichevskiy
36 Some Investigations of the Postal History of the Volga Germans Meer Kossoy
40 Russian Airmails 1922-1950 at the “Royal 2002” National Show in Edmonton, Alberta [Exhibit of Norman Banfield, NZ] Special Note
41 Something about PW Postmarks of the Branch Line Poti-Samtredi; English text on p. 44 Dr. V.G. Levandovskiy
45 Post-Packets of the Russian Postal Service L. G. Ratner
53 Tuva: Means of Postal Payment. A personal assessment by: Alan Leighton
62 Supplementary Notes on Tuva Andrew Cronin
67 Thomas Cliffe and Tuva Gwyn Williams
71 Defining more clearly and adding to the article on Tuva by G. Williams (in “The Post-Rider” No. 49) V. N. Ustinovskii
72 The 1902-1906 Imperial Arms Issue Rabbi L.L. Tann
77 Postage Stamps issued by the Zemstvos: Starobelsk Alex Artuchov
83 Japanese POWs in the USSR Andrew Cronin
92 The Special Stamp Issue for the City Posts in St. Petersburg and Moscow late V.V. Lobachevskii
93 Some Data on the 5-kopek City Post Local Stamp Assistant-Professor
David A. Jay
94 Some Notes on the 5-kopek City Post Stamp Andrew Cronin
100 The April 1922 Second Issue of the Armenian SSR Dr. Arkadii M. Sargsyan
103 About the Soviet Posts in the Incorporated Romanian Territories 1940-1941 V.YU. Malov
105 The Local issues of Formula Postcards V, Vinokur & M, Lam
110 Viktor Borisovich Kofman [Obituary/+ 8 December 2001] Special Note
111 More about the TPO/RPO Route Nos. 97-98 SamtrediPoti and Poti-Samtredi Dr. V.G. Levandovskiy
112 Some “Germanica” Items from the Volga Region Professor A.S. Ilyushin
113 Another “Paris Commune” Naval Stamp on cover (plus comment by V. Berdichevskiy) Robert Taylor
114 Further Data on the 1923 Famine Relief Issue of the Ukrainian SSR Alex Sadovnikov
115 Philatelic Shorts:
Another ship mail item across the Gulf of Bothnia Rabbi L.L. Tann
Two items from the Russian Post in Galicia during WWI. Rabbi L.L. Tann
A concocted Inflation Cover from Kiev Alexander Epstein, Tallinn
A very curious Batum picture postcard Alexander Epstein, Tallinn
Scarce Russian POW Mail in WWI Alexander Epstein, Tallinn
Another cover bearing the 5-kop. City Post stamp! [Breitfuss] Arno Karnapke
An opinion about the “URGA” postmark without serial letters (The Post-Rider No. 49, p.39) V.N. Ustinovskii, Moscow
A piece with four 7-kop. Romanov Imperforates Andrew Cronin
TPO/RPO Kharbin 262 Man’chzhuriya Andrew Cronin

Page: No. 49/November 2001 - The Post Rider Author:
2 Using encyclopedias in our fields of collecting
2 Special Note. See also pp. 39, 58, 62 and 101.
2 “Gifts to the Czars 1500-1700: Treasures from the Kremlin” Display at Museum of Art in Indianapolis, USA Special Note
3 Correspondence with Canada Various authors
4 Classic Swiss letters sent to the Russian Empire: Part 2, 1853-1875Erling Berger
& Lukas Reist
10 The Romanian Army in Transnistria July 194 l-March 1944 Dr. Dan Grecu
26 The Chronology of Rate and Political Changes in Moldova 1990-2000 Vladimir Babich
30 The Journal Fund
31 Tuva: More on the Mystery of the 15-k. Provisional (SG 41, Scott 37) Gwyn Williams
32 Selected Tuvan Covers Gwyn Williams
34 The Soviet Posts in Tuva Andrew Cronin
38 Matters MongolianRichard E. Clever
& Andrew Cronin
39 Obituaries: Derek Palmer RDP, FRPSL of Chile and Georgii Vladimirovich Andrieshin of OdessaSpecial Note
40 About the “Red Fleet” Stamps of the USSR (English translation on p. 45) VIadimir Berdichevskii
51 About the Circulation of the Ukrainian Charity Stamps of 1923 Vladimir Berdichevskii
58 The absence of the “Review of Literature” section Special Note
59 Eight Further Covers of the 1923 Ukrainian Famine Issue Robert Taylor
62 Another Constant Plate Variety of the 20+20 krb. Shevchenko Stamp Alex Sadovnikov
62 Coining a new Anglo-Russian word for “Dots” collectors Special Note
63 A Few Comments on the Famine Issue of the Ukrainian SSR Alexander Epstein
64 Still More Spartakiada Usages Norman J.D. Ames
67 Some Data about the issue of the Set “10th Anniversary of the October Revolution” V.B. Kofman
68 Varieties of the Early Railway Markings of the Russian Empire V. G. Levandovskii
72 Zemstvo Varieties: Ninth Installment G.G. Werbizky
74 Postage Stamps issued by the Zemstvos Alex Artuchov
81 Some Items of the Soviet Lithuanian Posts 1940-1941Dr. Ivo Steijn
86 ‘Independent’ Lithuania in 1941 Rex A. Dixon
91 The April 1922 Second Issue of the Armenian SSR Dr. Arkadii M. Sargsyan
95 Some Remarks and Additions to the “Automat” Article of Harry von Hofmann Meer Kossoy
100 Four Fine Items of “Russian Railwayana” Rabbi L. L. Tann
101 The Branch-Line TPO/RPO Samtredi-97-PotiRabbi L. L. Tann
102 Atomic Secrets from a Post Office Box V.P. & P.V. Florenskii
and G.I. Ivanov
106 Some Imperial Postcard Varieties Professor A. S. Ilyushin
109 An Update for the “Upravlenie” Error on the 4*. Imperial Postcard of 1875 Professor A. S. Ilyushin
110 More Naval Censorship Markings Alexander Epstein
110 “Postal Stationery of the Russian Post 1845-2000”, Emelyanov, etc Special Note
111 Philatelic Shorts:
Some notes on Armenian Revenues Trevor Pateman
Two Volga-German postal history items Robert Taylor
Some “Moscow-San Francisco” overprint varieties Alexander Sadovnikov,
Australia Marius Wytenburg
Some more “Manufaktura” postmarksDavis A. Jay, Oregon, USA
Another “Norskaya Manufaktura” strike and some “Zavod” (= Factory) postmarks Prof. A. S. Ilyushin,
A WW II postcard from Canada to LatviaV.B.Kofman &
A.A. Drozdovskii
The “Field post on Manoeuvres” oval markingsAndrew Cronin
Another Esperanto SAT usageAndrew Cronin
Our man in Pskov pops up aigain!Andrew Cronin
A WWII military cover with a Russian theme sent from the Italian Front Andrew Cronin
A Hungarian town named after StalinAndrew Cronin
A Concocted Inflation Cover from KievHorst Taitl,
Dornbirn, Austria
A very curious Batum picture postcardDr. Joseph Vogl, California
A “Paquebot” cover from Sundsvall, SwedenRabbi L.L. Tann
The Soviet Customs intercepts Romanian philatelic mailDr. Robert M.S. Bell,
Arizona, USA

Page: No. 48/June 2001 - The Post Rider Author:
2 Editorial: Collecting what one likes
2 Special Note. See also pp. 4,6,25,32 and 110
2 White Nights Festival St. Petersburg 2001 Special Note
3 Correspondence with Canada: A Soviet flight from Moscow to the USA which crashlanded in Canada [1939] Andrew Cronin
4 A unique cultural experience Special Note
5 Zemstvo Varieties; Eighth Installment [Glazov, Gryazovets, Dukhovshchina, Egor’evsk, Ekaterinburg. Zadonsk] G.G. Werbizkv
6 Hermitage Museum comes to Toronto with “Rubens and his Age” Special Note
7 The Postal Stations of the Zemstvo Posts in the province of Bessarabia Vladimir Babici
8 Postage Stamps issued by the Zemstvos [Soroki, Bessarabia Prov] Alex Artuchov
15 The Peculiarities of the Postal Handling of Insured Money Letters of the Ust’-Sysol’sk Zemstvo Post D.N. Nikitin
18 Military Censorship of Rank & File Mail in Russian Navy in WWl Vl. Berdichevskii
& M. Kossoy
25 The samovar of Stalin has been stolen! Special Note
25 The Pridniestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) has its own Web Site Special Note
32 Soviet Victory Celebrations Special Note
45 Postage Stamps of Russia used for fiscaI purposes Meer Kossoy
47 Postage Stamps of Russia used as Savings Bank stamps Meer Kossoy
51 New Facts about the History of the Postal-Telegraphic Savings Offices Professor A.S. Ilyushin
54 A Savings Bank Pass-Book from Kishinev in Bessarabia Vladimir Babici
56 Mail registered on TPOs/’RPOs – Imperial and Soviet Times Rabbi L.L. Tann
60 Soviet Airmail in 1927 Robert Taylor
63 Atomic Secrets from a Post Office Box [Reprint from Filatelia Nos 7&8/1998 and 9/1999] V.P. & P.V. Florenskii
and G.I. Ivanov
67 A Special Warning about Digital Forgeries Dr. R.J. Ceresa
68 Russia-Prussia Convention regarding Western Europe 1 November 1843 0.S. Erling Berger
75 Armenia 1919-1923 Dr. Arkadii M. Sargsyan
79 Redut-Kale [port no more existing, between Poti and Batum] G.V. Andrieshin
82 Some Additional Notes on the 1923 Famine Issue of the Ukrainian SSR V.B. Kofman
85 More Data on Moldavian & Roumanian Posts in Southern Bessarabia 1856-1878 Andrew Cronin
90 The Russian Field Posts in Bessarabia Alexander Epstein
92 Some more examples of the Postage-Due Mail Alexander Epstein
95 Tuvan Varieties Richard E. Clever
95 The “KbZbL-c” Puzzle Gwyn M. Williams
97 Comments on the “KbZbL c & a“ Cancelers Andrew Cronin
98 Further Frankings with the “Spartakiada” stamps of 1935 Michalis Tsironis
& Andrew Cronin
100 The Great Dot and Numeral Hunt Alex Artuchov
108 Some Notes & Additions to ‘Insufficiently Franked” Comments by N.C. Warr Meer Kossoy
111 Philatelic Shorts Various authors:
A postcard to Odessa in July 1916 Rabbi L.L. Tann
A continued usage of a Romanov stamp in 1919 Rabbi L.L. Tann
A postcard illustrating the Romanov Tercentenary set Rabbi L.L. Tann
An Imperial card from the Volga-German area P.J. Campbell, Quebec
Parcel service to the USSR after WW2 P.J. Campbell, Quebec
A card from a Romanian officer-POW in Soviet captivity WW2 Vladimir Babici,
Chisinau, Moldava
A few comments on South Russia G.G. Werbizky
Comments about “Our man in Pskov” G.G. Werbizky
The Russian Army at Trebizond in WWI Robert Taylor
An undelivered Ukrainian 10-kop. Trident postcard Ing. Cristian-Andrei Scaiceanu
More examples of the “Уравление” error Prof A.S. Ilyushin, Moscow
Another “МАНУФАКТУРА” office Prof A.S. Ilyushin, Moscow
The Rostov telephone office in the same Yaroslav’l province Prof A.S. Ilyushin, Moscow
An unusual routing to the Ukraine Prof A.S. Ilyushin, Moscow
A card with postmarks and message in three languages Prof A.S. Ilyushin, Moscow
A censored card sent during WW2 to the Chuvash ASSR Prof A.S. Ilyushin, Moscow
Political appeals sent through the mails Andrew Cronin
120 Correction & Addition and Adlets

Page: No. 47/November 2000 - The Post Rider Author:
2 In place of an Editorial; Combined Warning of the CSRP & Rossica Society of Russian Philately
5 Correspondence with Canada: A Card from Bellingsgausen to Montreal [21.11.75] Andrew Cronin
6 Zemstvo Varieties: Seventh Instalment [Volchansk, Vol’sk, Gdov] G.G. Werbizky
7 The Postal History of South Russia 1917-1920: Issues and Rates Alexander Epstein
54 Comments about the “Three Triangles” postmarks Alexander Epstein
55 Further on the article “The Mysterious Triangles on Soviet Datestamps” Eric Jarvlepp
56 Some Peculiarities of Postage-Due Mail from the Army during World War I Alexander Epstein
59 Some Peculiarities of the Postage-Due Mail in Russia Meer Kossoy
65 Special Note: The Work of Court Jeweller and Goldsmith Peter Carl Fabergé
66 The Moldavian and Romanian Posts in Southern Bessarabia 1856-1878 Andrew Cronin
73 Commentary on the article “The KbZbL 'a', 'b' & 'c' postmarks applied in Tuva V.N. Ustinovskii
76 Military Censorship of Rank-and-file Mail in Russian Navy during WW IV. Berdichevskii
& M. Kossoy
87 The Russian Post on the Island of Crete G.V. Andrieshin
92 Classic Swiss Letters sent to the Russian Empire Erling Berger
96 The Fourth (April 1920) Issue of Armenia on covers Dr. Arkadii M. Sargsyan
99 Revisiting the Stamped Double Letter-card of Russia Professor A.S. Ilyushin
& Jean Walton
104 Finnish Nationalism Charles Leonard
108 Postage Stamps issued by the Zemstvos [Skopin Alex Artuchov
113 Philatelic Shorts
The Russian Red Cross Hospital in Volos during the First Balkan War Dimitrios Katsemis,
Volos, Greece
A framed “INSUFFICIENTLY/FRANKED” mark Noel C. Warr, London
Early Manuscript Postage Due Markings O.V. Forafontov, Moscow
A letter in Esperanto examined by a Russian Esperantist-censor Jean Amoureux,
Perpignan, France
The mysterious “P.O.” marking G.C. Andrieshin,
Another example of the large “Д” marking Charles Leonard,
Dorset, England
Some additional comments on the postage-due applications shown by Prof. A.S. Ilyushin Alexander Epstein
A Postage-Due Application from TPO/RPO No. 16 Rabbi L.L.Tann
Postcard from Manchuria to Odessa, October 1910 Rabbi L.L.Tann
The earliest Monitoring Post Office cachet? Andrew Cronin
A registered letter sent to Mátyás Rákosi Ândrew Cronin
120 Announcements about new literature

Page: No. 46/June 2000 - The Post Rider Author:
Inside Front Cover: The Russian Alphabet.
2 Hermitage Museum Collection in London; see also pp. 69 and 75. Special Note
3 Correspondence with Canada: A reply-paid card from Central-Asia to the Province of Quebec [28.VIII. 1900] Alex Artuchov
4 Zemstvo Varieties; Sixth Installment [Bogorodsk, Bronnitsy, Valki] G.G. Werbizky
5 The Organisation and Work of the Postal Service in the Bessarabian Province during the Pre-Stamp Period (1812-1857) Vladimir Babici
66 The First Issue of Stamps of the Kotelnich County Larisa Petrovna Ryl’kova
69 Hermitage museum now wonderful Web Site Special Note
New Stanley Gibbons – Russia Special Note
Standare Collection Spec. Catalogue 1923-40 Special Note
70 A Classic Swedish Letter sent to the Russian Empire Erling Berger
71 Finland-Germany via Sweden 1814-1848 Erling Berger
75 The restoration of the Amber Room at Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo) Special Note
76 Some Distinguishing Features of Postage Due Mail in Russia Meer Kossoy
83 Postage Due Markings of Moscow Meer Kossoy
88 The “ДОПЛАТНТЬ 10” Marking Michael Ercolini
89 Some Further Postage Due Applications Professor A. S.Ilyushin
92 Postage Stamps Issued by the Zemstvos [Solikamsk] Alex Artuchov
103 The Mysterious Triangles on Soviet Datestamps V.B. Kofman
105 Postmarks of the Moscow Northern Station Rabbi L.L. Tann
106 The Third (November 1919) Issue of Armenia on Covers Dr. Arkadii M. Sargsyan
111 The “KbZbL a, b, & c“ Postmarks applied in Tuva A. Cronin, H. Weikard
& R. Taylor
113 Philatelic Shorts Various Authors:
A “P.O.” marking on a cover to Constantinople John V. Woollam, England
The 6th Proletarian Esperanto Congress in Leningrad Robert Taylor
A letter to a Hungarian Expedition in Kazan’ Andrew Cronin
Russian Volunteers in Serbia after the 2nd Balkan War of June-July 1913 Andrew Cronin
A1917 card from the U.S. Embassy in St. Petersburg sent by Diplomatic Pouch Andrew Cronin
A Russian letter sent to an “undercover” address V.B. Kofman, Odessa
Two cards from the Russian advance into Eastern Galicia [1914] V.B. Kofman, Odessa
The location of Costana in the county of Suceava V.B. Kofman, Odessa
Two further usages of the “ДОПЛАТНТЬ” error in the Imperial Postcard P4 Dr. Arnold Ryss
A notation about the Mobile Post at Marksschtadt in the Volga-German Province 22.3.24 Dr. Ivo Stejin
A registration procedure at Dubooary Vladimir Babici,
Chisinau, Moldava
A card from the Bogoslovskaya Church Teaching School Postal Agency in Tula Province [1916]Vladimir Babici,
Chisinau, Moldava
(Only 4 church postal agencies in Russia at 1916!) P.E. Robinson
120 The Collectors’ Corner
120 The Journal Fund

Page: No. 45/November 1999 - The Post Rider Author:
Inside Front Cover: Cyrillic Alphabets Rex A. Dixon
2 Editorial: The Importance of Philatelic Literature in our Fields of Interest
2 “BULGARIA 99”. Also on p. 4 in honour of A.S. Pushkin Special Note
3 Correspondence with Canada: A registered postcard from Moscow to Canada in 1901 Dr. A.J. Schlichter
4 The 200th. Anniversary of the birth of Russia’s greatest poet A.S. Pushkin Special Note
5 Zemstvo Varieties: Fifth Installment [Buguruslan, Buzuluk, Bezhetsk] G.G. Werbizky
7 Blagoveshchensk Tête-Bêche not mysterious [30 rouble Blagoveshchensk/Amur] G.G. Werbizky
11 Postage Stamps issued by the Zemstvos [Shatsk, Tambov Province] Alex Artuchov
27 Bessarabia: A Guberniya Postal History Project Andrew Cronin
34 The “Latvijas PSR” issue and related matters [Postal rates 17 June 1940-30 April 1941, Air mail, Postage meter, Printed matter, etc] Various authors
62 The Beginnings of the Romanian Posts in Bessarabia in 1918 Dr. Dan Grecu
67 A Classic Danish Letter sent to the Russian Empire [1861] Erling Berger
68 Foreign Letters to the Baltic Area around 1820 Erling Berger
70 Moscow Postage Due Marks N.C. Warr
74 The Journal Fund
75 The Second Issue of the Republic of Armenia: October-November 1919Dr. Arkadii M. Sargsyan
84 Regarding the Double Letter-Card of Russia [Projekt]Professor A.S. Ilyushin
86 Philatelic Shorts
The “управленые” error in the Imperial postcard P 4Prof A.S. Ilyushin
The Essentuki registration machine used in the early Soviet periodProf A.S. Ilyushin
The Postal rates for Money letters (Addenda and Corrigenda) Alexander Epstein
The location of Ragusa Horst Taitl,
Dornbirn, Austria
More about the Soviet Latvian cover of 1944Laimons Bocka,
Madona, Latvia
Another Dipomatic Pouch item from pre-war LatviaRuud W. van Wijnen,
Arnhem, Holl.
The utilisation of the 1922 Rostov-on-Don Charity Issue Dr. Ivo Steijn
Comments on a Romanian card sent to Odessa Don Heller, Iowa, USA
An unlisted Soviet Estonian postmark Rex A. Dixon, England
Two cards from Occupied France to Kishinev (Chisinau) in Bessarabia Rex A. Dixon, England
Two Soviet post offices in Western Belorussia and Western Ukraine Rex A. Dixon, England
A Russian China cover resurfaces. Andrew Cronin
The 6th Proletarian Esperanto Congress in Leningrad Andrew Cronin
An unusual Sosnowiec Arrival Marking [1908] Matthew Kane, Warsaw
A TPO/RPO card with a “To pay” riddle. Rabbi L.L.Tann
A nice “Platorm” postmark Rabbi L.L.Tann
A scarce ODESSA VOKZ postmark Rabbi L.L.Tann
A TPO/RPO cancel dated the last day of the Russian Monarchy Rabbi L.L.Tann
96 The Collectors’ Corner

Page: No. 44/June 1999 - The Post Rider Author:
2 Editorial [A Friend in Need is a Friend indeed (II)]
2 Special Note: also on pp. 15, 41, 72, 80 & 83
3 Correspondence with Canada [A registered letter from Belorussia to Canada 1948] Jean Walton
4 Zemstvo Varieties: Fourth Installment [Bugulma] George G. Werbizky
5 Memel Takca 1822 Erling Berger
15 A Zemstvo Transit Marking Special Note
16 Postage Stamps issued by the Zemstvos [Shadrinsk] Alex Artuchov
32 A Postcard from the First Balkan War [Dec 1912] Alexander Epstein
33 Russian Volunteers in the Two Balkan Wars of 1912-1913 Andrew Cronin
38 A Tribute to Collectors [C.V. Georgii Andreevich Woda alias George Rozday-Woda] Alex Artuchov
39 A Mysterious Tête-Bêche Variety of Blagoveshchensk / AmurG. Kul’chitskii,
V. Ustinovskii
& 0. Forafontov
40 An Enigmatic Zemstvo Item [Bogorodsk wrapper] P. J. Campbell
41 More Items of Postal and Historical Interest Professor A.S. Ilyushin
44 Some Notes about the Introduction of the First Stamp of Russia and Comments about some Varieties [4 colour pages] Georg D. Mehrtens
53 Savings Cards for Deposits with Stamps Professor A.S. Ilyushin
57 Two Outstanding Railway Items Rabbi L.L. Tann
59 The Odessa Border Post Office G.V. Andrieshin
63 Makaronia [Western coast of Asiatic Turkey] G.V. Andrieshin
66 Items to and from Mount Athos Derek Palmer
69 The Journal Fund
70 Usages of the “Latvijas PSR” 10-Santimu Card [1940] Andrew Cronin
72 An unusual German label Special Note
73 The First Issue of the Republic of Armenia: July 1919 Dr. Arkadii M. Sargsyan
77 Soviet “Not in Effect / Invalid” Cachets [1925] Robert Taylor
78 The stamp exists, but it was as if it didn’t [Levante Ziffernzeichnung 3 kop karmin] F. Vanius
80 Obituary – Ryszard Poddubiuk Special Note
81 Further Items of Mail from the Caucasian Theatre of War Alexander Epstein
84 A.S. Pushkin (1799-1837) P.J. Campbell
87 Philatelic Shorts:
86/7 Advertising the WWI Charity stampsMatt Hedley,
California, USA
87 A Soviet Latvian cover of 1944 P.J. Campbell,
Quebec, Canada
88 An underpaid Bulgarian Letter-Card [1905] Derek Palmer,
Santiago de Chile
88 Soviet Machine Cancels with informative Texts. V.B. Kofman, Odessa
89 Four more Railway Items Rabbi L.L.Tann
90 Two more bisects of the 10-kop 25th Anniversary of the 1905 Revolution V.V. Pritula, Moscow
90 A Postcard from Bessarabia to Occupied Odessa in Transnistria [1943] V.M. Mohilnyj, Kyiv
91 Two examples of “Latvijas PSR” postal rates 1940-41 Helmut Weikard, Hamburg
92 A surface card from Odessa to New York [1928] Dr. Denis J.Voaden, USA
93 Two Levant items Andrew Cronin
93 A View Card sent by Pavel Petrovich Gan’ko Andrew Cronin
93 Postmarks of Balaklava in the British Empire and Commonwealth Andrew Cronin
94 Two Aurora Items Andrew Cronin
95 Propaganda forgeries of the Romanov Currency Stamps Andrew Cronin
95 A registered airmail letter to Vienna [1930] Andrew Cronin
95 The Volga Germans had their own bank! Andrew Cronin
96 Recognising Obscured Varieties Andrew Cronin
96 A card from Latvia per the Diplomatic Pouch [1926] Andrew Cronin
97 Review of Literature
100 The Collectors’ Corner

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"POCHTA - ПОЧТА", New Zealand
The Journal of the Australia & New Zealand
Society of Russian Philately.
Ausgabe Nummer 1 erschien im Dezember 1986, erscheinungsweise zweimal jährlich. Die Zeitschrift
gibt es (ab der ersten Nummer) auch auf CD-Rom. Im Jahr 2006 wurde die Zeitschrift wieder eingestellt, als letzte Nummer erschien Heft Nr. 40. Herausgeber war Dr. Ross Marshall, New Zealand.


Nachstehend werden die Inhaltsverzeichnisse Nr. 40/2006 - 25/1999 aufgeführt, die früheren Verzeichnisse Nr. 24/1998- 1/1986 finden Sie im Archiv:

Page: No. 40/July 2006 - Pochta Author:
2 Editorial Comment (Last Issue of POCHTA!)
3 United States-Soviet Russia Antarctic Scientific Exchange Program US Scientists at Soviet Stations to SAE-25 [1956-1980] Ross Marshall
25 Insured Money Letters – Addendum Ross Marshall
31 Russia Internal Postal rates January 1, 1923 to March 10, 1923 - Addendum Robert Taylor
38 The Russian Report Sergey A Chudakov
38 First Day Cancellations
200th Anniversary Moscow Kremlin Museums
40 New Year –Special cancellation 31.12.2005 Vladivostok 690090
50th Anniversary Mirny Station Antarctica 13.02.2006-09-25
41 Pre-stamped Commemorative envelopes
42 1001 Finds Russian Railway Postmarks Valentin Levandovsky
[Addendum to Kiryushkin/ Robinson Railway Postmarks]

Page: No. 39/January 2006 - Pochta Author:
2 Editorial Comment [Penultimate Issue!?]
3 Correspondence Russia - New Zealand & Australia
5 Foreign Destination Insured Money Letters Ross Marshall
22 Special datestamps for Money Letters Gary Combs
23 Postal rates of Transcaucasia in 1923 Alexander Epstein
26 An American in Murmansk 1944 - Murmansk Convoy mail Hal Vogel
28 “MARKA“
31 Covers from Asdrubal Prado‘s collection
33 They Were Doctors [CV of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov 1860-1904] [Partly reproduced from American Philatelist, October 2005] Gregory Epshstein
34 Australia - Soviet Interactions in Antarctica – additional items from SAE- 15 Alexey Butorin
36 RUSSIA, Internal Postal Rates - January 1, 1923 to March 10, 1923 Ross Marshall
43 The Russian Report Sergey A. Chudakov
43 E. T. Krenkel Observations
43 50th Anniversary of First Voyage D/E Ob‘ to Antarctica
45 2005 Christmas/New Year envelopes
46 60th Anniversary of Victory WW2 [envelopes]
47 Issues for 2006
48 International Postal Rates from 01.09.2005
49 Internal Russia Postal Rates from 1 October 2005
49 Postal Rates to ex-Republics from 01.09.2005
50 6000 Russian Post Offices to use Symbol DS6608 Scanners
51 Concepts of Restructuring the Federal Postal Communications Agencies
60 Literature Reviews [Journals BJRP, Rossica, Post-Rider] Norman Banfield

Page: No. 38/July 2005 - Pochta Author:
2 Editorial Comment
3 Correspondence Russia - New Zealand & Australia
5 Insured Money Correspondence – Internal – Additional Information. A R Marshall
12 Inland Money Letter Rates 1917-1923. Ross Marshall & Alexander Epstein
18 An 1849 Letter from Russia Jean R Walton
23 Soviet Pilot Valeriy Chkalov – Additional Information & Correction. Hal Vogel
24 Russian Report Sergey A Chudakov
33 Russian Navigators in the Arctic Ocean in 1895-96 Colonel Z Shokolsky
38 Russian Antarctic Expedition RAE-50 – Rescue of Antonov-3T from the South Pole Ross Marshall &
Steven McLachlan
46 Imperial Russian Arctic Expedition. 1901 Joint Swedish-Russian Arc of meridian Expedition to Spitzbergen Hal Vogel
47 Russian VIP South Pole Visit 2002.
49 Arthur N Chilingarov – Private Issues. Sergey A Chudakov
51 An American in Murmansk 1944 Martin Smythe
52 Moscow Route Number Markings – Additions [cp #36/27] Alexander Ilyushin
53 Moscow Northern Railway Station – Addendum Leonard Tann
53 Ambassadorial Mail [cp #29/25]
54 Pacific Explorer 2005 – Russian Area Exhibits [Sydney, A]
55 V V Gorbatko – Cosmonaut – 70th Birth Anniversary
55 Russian Space Covers
56 Ninth New Zealand National Literature Exhibition 2005
57 Inwards Drift Station Mail NP4 and NP7 [1956] Alexey Butorin
58 The Railways of Finland and the Postal Service – a review
59 Literature Reviews Norman Banfield

Page: No. 37/January 2005 - Pochta Author:
2 Editorial Comment
3 Correspondence Russia - New Zealand & Australia
4 Russian Airmails to 1950.[development of Russian airmail services] Norman Banfield
23 Numbers and Colours: Covers Destined outside the Empire 1864-1875. Michael Ercolini
35 Postal Tariff from 10.5.2004
36 Some Notes on the Moscow Northern Railway Station. Syeverniy Vokzal Leonard Tann
42 The Publishing and Trading Centre “MARKA” http:/www.marka-art.ru
49 New Issues
59 Literature Reviews Norman Banfield

Page: No. 36/July 2004 - Pochta Author:
2 Editorial Comment
3 Correspondence Russia - New Zealand & Australia
5 The Value Change of a Stamp by Manuscript [handschriftl. Aufwertungen nach 1990]V. & P. Florensky
and K. Protopopov
22 Ukrainian Postal Money Orders [2000] Alexander Ivakhno
24 Provisional Use of RSFSR and Imperial Stamps in Nikolaev and Odessa Province – Additional Information [cp #29/43-51] Alexander Epstein
27 Unusual Marking “Marschrut” Moscow 2003 Alexander Ilyushin
29 Valeriy Chkalov – 1904-1938 Test Pilot hero of Soviet Union Sergey A Chudakov
33 Letters from Travel to Russia [cp #35/42-44] Ross Marshall &
Ed Laveroni
43 Mail from Aland Islands [1908 + 1913] Leonard Tann
44 Moscow-Antarctica-Moscow Flights 1961-62 & 1963-64 Update Ross Marshall
46 Postal Rates 10.07.2003 of Various Regions and Republics of the Russian Federation Sergey A Chudakov
48 The Russian Report Sergey A Chudakov
52 Railway Route 139/140 Kislovodsk - Mineralniya Vodi Leonard Tann
53 New Issues
59 Literature Reviews Norman Banfield

Page: No. 35/January 2004 - Pochta Author:
2 Editorial Comment
3 Correspondence Russia - New Zealand & Australia
3 New Zealand Soldiers in Russia 1914-1917 [No NZ soldiers in Russia, except 4 at North Russian EF] Robin Startup
4 Interactions between Soviet Antarctic Expeditions [SAE-1-SAE-13] and Australia 1956-1969. Ross Marshall
28 MS Bashkiria visit to Davis and Mirnyy SAE-25 [1979-1981]
29 New Issues of Postal Stationery Envelopes for 2003 with Postage Stamp “A” Sergey A Chudakov
36 The Russian Report Sergey A Chudakov
36 Ernst Krenkel (1903-1971) [stamp & envelope issue]
37 70 Years of Russia Maritime North Sea Line
38 25th Anniversary of North Pole Visit by “ Arktika”
39 15th Anniversary North Pole visit by “ Sibir”
40 Stationery Envelope for World Climate Change Conference
41 Postal Tariffs December 2002 and June 2003
42 Letters from Travel to Russia 1845 Ross Marshall
45 WWI POW in Russia - Additional Thoughts Hal Vogel
47 Russian Postmen Marking [Orel] Alexander Ilyushin
48 New Issues
59 Literature Reviews Norman Banfield

Page: No. 34/July 2003 - Pochta Author:
2 Editorial Comment
3 Correspondence Russia - New Zealand & Australia
4 Insured Mail in Russia - Insured Money letters - Internal Mail.
[Historical look at procedures and rates 1691(!)-1917]
Ross Marshall
26 More About COD Mail. Alexander Epstein
29 Lake Vostok in Antarctica - Antarctic Research Issue 2003. Alexey Butorin
32 North Pole Drift Station CN-32. [2003] Sergey A Chudakov
33 1866 Registered Otepopo New Zealand to Helsinki via UK and Prussia.
38 Large Silver Medal [for POCHTA]
39 George Henderson [Obituary by Norman Banfield]
39 Unusual Functions of Russian Field Post Office. Alexander Epstein
43 Russian Empire Postcard - International Fete, February 1910
44 Antarctic Flight 1963 Hal Vogel
45 Gilbert Dewart - American Exchange Scientist with SAE-5.
Continental Traverse Mirny to Vostok 1960-61
A. R. Marshall
50 New Issues
59 Literature Report. Norman Banfield

Page: No. 33/January 2003 - Pochta Author:
2 Editorial Comment
3 Correspondence Russia - New Zealand & Australia
6 Parcel Postage Control Certificates. [Ukraine 1999] Alexander Ivakhno
8 Reader Comments:
9 Update on “Admiral Nakimov” - the Russian Titanic. Ross Marshall
11 TPO 302/204 Oval Postage Due 1997.[Ukraine] Ross Marshall
12 WW1 POW in Russia - Discussion of Postal Communications and Proposed ClassificationMiron Lam &
Vladimir Vinokur
28 Nalozhennyi Platezh - COD - Additional Information.[see#32] Bart Samyn
30 Dotted Triangle No. 1425 - Pogelozha Station.[Lithuania, Kovno] Miron Lam
31 “Mikhail Lermontov” - Inauguration of the Leningrad - New York Trans-Atlantic Service. Ross Marshall
32 “Maxim Gorkii” - ANT-20 Tupolev. Ross Marshall
33 BOAC “Comet” visit to Moscow June 1963
34 Local Provisional Stamps on Covers issued in ex-USSR in early 1990s. IntroductionDr. P. Florensky
& K. Protopopov
44 Colour Reproductions of Russian Stamps
45 The Russian Report.[Commemorative Envelopes]Sergey A. Chudakov
48 [Inland Postal Rates 15.5.2002]
49 New Issues
57 Literature Review.[St Petersburg: The Imperial Post- its postmarks…, by Baillie & Peel/ Norman Banfield
Catalogue of Propaganda-Advertising Postal Cards of the USSR 1927-1934, by Shalimoff & Shaw]

Page: No. 32/July 2002 - Pochta Author:
2 Editorial Comment
3 Correspondence Russia - New Zealand & Australia
5 How to make Money from Paper - ‘Notification of Receipt’ forms for postal money orders [Empfangsbestätigungen für Geldsendung aus dem Ausland] Miron Lam
11 Notification of Receipt Postcards Postal Rates [4 different periods for this cards] Ross Marshall
14 Looking for the Place of Censorship A. Epstein
20 Stamp Album Theft [Nagl Auction Bamberg]
20 Errata [to #31/4 & #31/40-41]
21 Nalozhhenni Platezh, Vsyskay Platezh, Cash on Delivery, COD Robert Taylor
32 “Marka” - New Russian Philatelic Magazine
33 Russia WWI - A New Zealand Connection Norman Banfield
36 Two Forerunners Hal Vogel
38 Moscow-Mirnyy-Moscow Flights 1963 – 1964 Ross Marshall
44 Hussiatyn: Russia - Austro-Hungarian Border Post Office Ross Marshall
49 “Admiral Nakimov” - the Russian “Titanic” Ross Marshall
54 Cherevichnyy - Polar Aviator - First Antarctic Expedition 1955-1957 Ross Marshall
57 New Issues
60 Literature Reviews Norman Banfield

Page: No. 31/January 2002 - Pochta Author:
2 Editorial
3 Correspondence Australia & New Zealand - Russia
5 Rescue of Mikhail Somov from Antarctic Ice 1985 Ross Marshall
18 French Aviators in the Great Patriotic War [reprinted from American Philatelist pp1004-1007 (Nov 2001)] Gerald J Gallagher
23 The Cruiser Oleg [1919] Ed Lavoroni
25 The Russian Report 25 40th Anniversary of First Space Flight Yuri A Gagarin 12.4.1961 etc Sergey A. Chaudakov
27 Sescal 2001
28 Postcards from Moscow [Levanevskiy] Tony Walker
34 Russia to USA Stampless Mail 1796-1858 Ross Marshall
42 Follow-ups –
42 Julian to Gregorian Calendar in Russia; A. Epstein
42 Taxing Letters in Russia Mike Renfro
43 Russians in Alaska Melvin Kessler
45 Ernest Rutherford and Soviet Science
[repr. from New Zealand Russian Monthly “Wind”, #64, Nov 2001]
Bill McLeod
46 New Issues - Postage Stamps;
50 Stamped Envelopes:
51 One-Sided Postcards
53 Reviews Ross Marshall
American Philatelist
Pre-Soviet Registered and Associated Mail, by Ian Baillie [includes an Breitfuss-Cover]
Westphalia & Grand Duchy of Berg, by Cornelius Muys
57 Literature Reviews Norman Banfield

Page: No. 30/July 2001 - Pochta Author:
3 About Esperanto George G Werbizky
4 Picture Formula PS Cards of Russia. Alexander Epstein
7 ‘Second Numbers’[Pre-Stamp period] Ivo Steyn
10 Soviet Antarctic QSL Cards.[see #29/35] Ross Marshall
25 The Arctic Aerial Expedition to the Pole of Relative Inaccessibility, April 1941 Tony Walker
28 Medical Aid for Russia South Africa Cinderella 1943.
29 Soviet Arctic Scientific Station Severniy Polyus 19 Cancel varieties. Tony Walker
33 London Missionary Society Mission at Selenginsk, Siberia. [1828]Ross Marshall,
Philip Robinson
44 London via Hamburg to Selenginsk, Siberia, 1828 - Postal Notations. Ross Marshall
47 Conversion from “Second Number” in Silver Kopecks to Assignation Kopecks
49 A Star item of the 1916-17 Surcharge. Leonard Tann
50 Some more Notes on the 1916-17 Surcharge. Leonard Tann
54 New Issues
58 Literature Reviews. Norman Banfield.

Page: No. 29/January 2001 - Pochta Author:
3 Correspondence Russia - New Zealand & Australia
6 To Russia with Love? Ann Carter,
Norman Banfield,
Tim Stephens
10 Taxing Letters in Russia [Postage Due procedures Imperial & Soviet] Y. Freundlich
22 The Russian Report Sergey A. Chudakov
22 Postal tariffs from 11.09.2000
23 New Issue 25.10.2000
23 International Letter Week - Belarus
25 Italian Ambassador Mail from Moscow 1970- Postage Due
26 The Fournier Forgeries Kennedy L Wilson
30 Russian Day NZ 5 May 1916 [see #22/7-8] Alan Craig
31 Early Russian Airmails –2 [continued from #27/24] Norman Banfield
35 Amateur radio - QSL CARDS Ian Cameron
43 Provisional Use of RSFSF and Imperial Stamps in Odessa Province 1922
[zuerst in DZRP 72/10-16 in deutsch)
Alexander Epstein
52 Drift Station 19 - First Shift 7.11.1969-29.10.1970 Ross Marshall
55 Julian to Gregorian Calendar in Russia
55 Russians in Alaska [request for related mail]
55 Kharkov & Trostyanets Photo-Chromo-Litho Postcards 1900/1901 Ross Marshall
57 The Stampshow 2000- London & After Norman Banfield
59 Literature Reviews Norman Banfield
60 Ukrainian Ministerial Council Decisions of October 4, 2000 [Im- and export of stamps]

Page: No. 28/July 2000 - Pochta Author:
3 Correspondence Russia - New Zealand & Australia
6 The Boxed “P-Numeral” Markings on Russian mail [see #24/41-43 A. R. Marshall
10 The Icebreaker “ Ermak” on early postcards.[#27/47]P. E. Robinson
13 Tariffs from January 1, 2000.
14 Russia War Heroes - Surovov and Kutuzov. Ross Marshall
16 All-Russian Zemstvo Union - Train No 174. George G. Werbizkj
17 The Russian Report. Sergey A Chudakov
17 Pre-Paid Envelope Veterans 2000
18 Winter Forest “ A“ Envelope
18 30th Anniversary Polar Drift Station-19
20 New Issue Polar Explorers 24.02.2000
21 The Russian Post and Forgery Protection [1998] Sergey A. Chudakov
23 What is a Fabulist? SGB
30 A Fishy Story or Three. [3 postcards from the 1950s] Vladimir Leonov
31 Radio Moscow. [Postcards etc from Radio M] Ian Cameron
38 Classical Russian Deltiology James Parker
1 - St Petersburg Equine Statuary.
2 - Tsar& Navy
41 Moscow Postman 863- 1942. Ross Marshall
42 Field Post Datestamps WW2 and beyond Ross Marshall
44 Fournier Forgery Postal Markings
45 Local Issues in USSR -1961 Monetary Reform – Novosibirsk Dr. P. & V. Florenski,
K. Protopopov
46 Modern Postal Stationery - Multiple Stamp Imprints. Tony Ross
52 New issues
59 Literature Reviews Norman Banfield

Page: No. 27/January 2000 - Pochta Author:
3 Correspondence Russia - New Zealand & Australia
4 OAZIS - Oasis Antarctic Base Bunger Hills [1956- ] A. R. Marshall
11 Personal Marks of Moscow Postmen (continued)[from 26/30-31] Ross Marshall
12 Another Look at the Bodaibo Railway [see 23/46] P. E. Robinson
14 Red Cross Cover - Odessa 1883 G. G. Werbizky
14 All Russian Zemstvo Union - Hospital Train No. 174 G. G. Werbizky
16 Suvorov’s Alpine Campaign - 200th Anniversary. [from “Focus on Stamps” Swiss Post]
17 Bessarabia Postmarks [Study initiated by Post-Rider]
18 First All Union Philatelic Exhibition, Moscow 1924-25 [3 postcards with exhibition cancellation] A. R. Marshall
19 Postal rates from 01.02.1999 Sergey A Chudakov
20 Modern Postal Stationery Rarities from South Regions of Russian Federation Sergey A Chudakov
24 Early Russian Airmails Norman Banfield
32 Emperor Nicholas II [30 June 1998 stamp & booklet] Col. Asdrubal Prado
33 1933 Latvia’s “Gambia” at Neustettin [flight Riga-Gambia] Bernd Konningham
34 Some other Interesting uses of the 1916-17 Surcharges [see #26/76 L Tann] Alexander Epstein
47 Icebreaker “Ermak” - The World’s First [1899] Sergey A. Chudakov
49 Helicopters Protect the EC Experts from Polar Bears.
49 Pigeon mail in Russia [request for Info, material, etc by] Salvador Bofarull
50 New issues - stamps, postcards, envelopes.
57 Postal Stationery – Envelope H&G 95 [date of issue?] Norman Banfield
58 Literature Reviews Norman Banfield
60 Exhibition Successes

Page: No. 26/July 1999 - Pochta Author:
3 Correspondence Russia - New Zealand & Australia
4 POW Letter - Japan to New Zealand via Russia [1943] Robin Startup
5 Do I Have Any Mail? [Poste Restante in Moscow 1885] Gary Combs
7 Russian Exchange Rates October 1, 1923 to March31, 1924 A. R. Marshall
14 Postal Censorship or Military Censorship? A. Epstein
30 Personal marks of Moscow Postmen [see also 24/24]Ross Marshall &
Alexander Ilyushin
32 A Russian sailor “absent without leave” [1858] George Henderson
33 Final local Provisional of the Soviet Union 1991P. & V. Florensky
& K. Protopopov
38 Non-Postal Souvenir Sheets: An Introduction Pat Eppel
51 Champion of Inflation [16 May 1922 Bakmut to Berlin] Col. Asdrubal Prado
52 Far Eastern Republic [History] Dr. Ed. Laveroni
60 Mail of the Gold Kolyma [from American Philatelist] Vladimir Boyko
72 Express Delivery [rate table 15.922-15.2.38] Norman Banfield
76 Some Interesting Uses of the 1916-17 Surcharges of Russia Leonard Tann
85 Polar Circle Philatelic Exhibition May 13-20, 1999[Moscow] Sergey A Chudakov
86 Local Issues in USSR -1961 Monetary Reform P & V Florensky, K Protopopov
87 Copyright of Ceresa Publications
87 Congratulations
88 Moscow Postmark Study published. [Gary Combs & Noel Warr]
89 Review: Moscow Postmarks CDROM Ross Marshall
90 Literature Reviews Norman Banfield

Page: No. 25/January 1999 - Pochta Author:
2 Editorial
3 Correspondence Russia - New Zealand & Australia
4 Collecting, Researching and Exhibiting Postal History. Norman Banfield FRPSNZ
13 The Value of Philatelic Literature. P. E. Robinson FRPSL
15 Soviet Antarctic Tripod-Type Datestamps. Ross Marshall &
Robert Bazika
18 Zemstvo Mail Revisited. George G. Werbizky
24 Dr A Ross Marshall FRPSNZ
25 Military Postal Censorship in Russia in Civil War Years. [Summary: Regions under the Soviets, Siberia under “White” North Russia under “White”, Ukraine, South Russia under “White”] A Epstein
34 Glued Paper-webs on Russian Stamps. Ludger Hovest
35 The March 1992 Definitive of Azerbaijan.Robert A. M. Gregson
40 Pskov Local Issues and Forgeries. [March 1992-1995] Sergey A. Chudakov &
Pavel V. Florinsky
41 60th Anniversary of City of Korolev. Sergey A. Chudakov
43 Yu F Lisjansky, Russian Navigator. [1773-1837] A. R. Marshall
44 Russian Mail Stopped in its Tracks. Ian Billings
45 The Russian Report. Sergey A. Chudakov
49 World Youth Games Moscow July 1998. Sergey A. Chudakov
51 Oddities in Russian Post. Sergey A. Chudakov
53 The Rossica Catalog of the RSFSR / Review byA. R. Marshall
56 Literature Reviews. Norman Banfield